Wireless only connection on a wired PC with no adapter

  Chowda 16:27 14 Apr 2014

Hi guys, really need your help.

Win7 x64

So a week ago I needed to have access to a printer/scanner (Brother) in my home. I installed the software/drivers and unplugged the ethernet cable from one of the modem ports into a Linksys router. Everything was just fine except anything over the internet became slow. I plugged the cable back in to the modem, no change.

I've speed tested the connection on my PC its 3-5mbps. On the other computer its 25-35mbps, the normal speed. What is most interesting is that my PC no longer lists itself as the connection as Wired, its always Wireless with the network name. My PC is an Asus CM6870 and I have no wireless adapter. I have uninstalled the Brother software and unpowered the router, no change. I have gone to Network and Internet and tried creating a new connection, it says the modem or other device error. I have been searching online and one tip was to go to Device Manager and uninstall the modem driver. I did that and it can't detect anything to reinstall a driver (it was just Standard Modem)

I can only believe that this problem occurred from the printer software. I've called my ISP and they believe its the modem and want me to send it in.

25mbps+ now I'm lucky to get 5mbps. Wireless on a PC with no wireless adapter and to the router its not connected to. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  lotvic 13:35 15 Apr 2014

I think you will find that you have inbuilt WiFi. To check if whether or not it is connecting to your router (or someone else's network router - a neighbour with unsecured etc) turn off the wireless capability on your Router and see what happens to your connection. You can also check the SSID network name on the back of your router to see if that is the same network name that comes up as being connected to.

  Chowda 16:46 15 Apr 2014

Thanks for your help. I guess I forgot to mention that I have unplugged the router from its power, restarted my PC and even then it still reads Wireless and my PC, plugged into the modem, connects to the internet.

If I unplug it from the modem and have the router on, it cannot access the internet.

  lotvic 18:34 15 Apr 2014

"25mbps+ now I'm lucky to get 5mbps. Wireless on a PC with no wireless adapter and to the router its not connected to"

oh I must have misunderstood the above.

However when I looked at specs of Asus CM6870 on Amazon it says it has WiFi so am confused when you say yours hasn't.

I will post again if I find anything relevant to your problem.

  Chowda 21:29 15 Apr 2014

OK thanks.

And yes, I remember seeing that in some of the product descriptions. Last year I called to ask about this and they informed me it is not true, no built in wifi.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:36 16 Apr 2014

Chowda, because your problem's relatively recent, a Windows 7 System Restore may help by putting everything back to normal - see here if you're not familiar with it. Choose an available restore point that pre-dates the start of your problems but don't go further back than you need to. If it doesn't help or gives unexpected results then you can go back into System Restore and you'll be given the option to undo it.

  Chowda 15:38 16 Apr 2014

Hi MechKB, I did note all of this in the first post. Asus CM6870 Win7 x64. As I mentioned, I called Asus last year after seeing the product descriptions and they informed me it does not. This PC never once showed a wireless connection until I plugged it into the router.

Thanks Secret-Squirrel, that is the best (only) solution I've gotten so far as I've posted this on other forums. Since my ISP informed me the modem does not detect any connections of the two computers, I'm going to do as they asked and swap it out. At least I will be eliminate variables that way.

  Chowda 15:44 16 Apr 2014

I just looked to see what restore points are available and the oldest one is 4/11. That is after all this happened. I did check to show older restore points and there was nothing new.

If I restore back to 4/11 will I then have access to older points?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:43 16 Apr 2014

"If I restore back to 4/11 will I then have access to older points?"

Sadly, no :(

If you've got a large hard drive with plenty of free space then you may want to consider allocating more disk space for System Restore points. That way there'll be more to choose from if you need to use System Restore in the future. You can do that via Control Panel -> System -> System Protection (top left) -> "Configure" button.

To satisfy MechKB's curiosity, go to Control Panel -> Device Manager. Expand the "Network Adapters" section and list what's there (or take a screenshot and post the link here)

  Secret-Squirrel 17:41 16 Apr 2014

"......and to be honest I would forget about System Restore for now as I do not think it is necessary just yet."

Actually, no - it was a good suggestion. Because the OP has said that this problem occurred after installing the Brother software, it sounds like a Windows problem and a System Restore may well have fixed things. It's quick and easy and is completely reversible. Having said that though, the OP doesn't have any suitable restore points available so it's no longer an option.

  lotvic 21:34 16 Apr 2014

I lost the plot with all the talk about separate modem and router ethernet plugging in and out. Haven't been able to visualise the set up.

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