Wiped Hard Disc

  laurie53 07:35 03 Sep 2009

Having used the Win 7 recovery disc I prepared on installation I find that it has reformatted the whole of the hard disc, not just the partition the o/s was in.

The partitions, one for data (which had all my back ups on) and one for programmes, are there, and lettered , but they show as empty.

Any way back?

  sharpamat 10:08 03 Sep 2009

a specialist may be able to recover the data but I have my doubts. normally after a format all information is lost. and most programs will advise you of this prior to formating.which you need to confirm

Do the sizes match that of an empty sector

This type of data loss only shows the need to back up data to a second drive, not a second partition

  bremner 14:10 03 Sep 2009

"normally after a format all information is lost."

Normally after a format all information is not lost. By default Vista and W7 will only do a quick format and so none of your data has been overwritten.

However as soon as you start writing new data to the drive you will overwrite that old data.

In XP neither a full nor quick format overwrote data, that changed with Vista. A full format in Vista WILL write zero's across the whole drive click here.

A full format of a drive will therefore take a considerable amount of time.

  sharpamat 15:09 03 Sep 2009

Thanks Bremner I was aware of that what I was not aware of was that Win 7 repairrecovary had a Format option. However your reply does not solve laurie 53s problem

  laurie53 20:05 03 Sep 2009

"most programs will advise you of this prior to formating"

That's my experience too, sometimes asking you to confirm twice.

On this occasion no options - put in the recovery disc and off it goes, no choices, no options.

This would be my first criticism of Win 7.

As you say, a full format of 3 x 15 gig partitons would take some time (and it didn't) so I'm pretty sure the data is still there.

I just need the best "undelete" programme there is, one that wil restore and repopulate the folders.

In the meantime I am making sure that I make no attempt to write to the wiped partitions.

The o/s is not really a problem of course, just a bit of a pain, but the apps and data are important, though my important data (pictures and documents etc) is backed up externally.

  sonyboy 20:13 03 Sep 2009

Hope this helps...scoll well down the page to the download links and see which of these may be best for you....One of them may just what you need!!

  sonyboy 20:15 03 Sep 2009

Sorry mate..its' been a long day and I've got "sausage fingers"...Here is the linkclick here

  laurie53 07:22 04 Sep 2009

Thanks. I'll probably leave it until the weekend now.

Please don't take it amiss if I post in the Helproom as well.

I'll probably reach a wider community there.

  bremner 12:25 04 Sep 2009

If you have formatted then the old Fat or NTFS file structure has been overwritten. Recovering your files in a folder structure will be much and may require expensive forensic software. I am going to be offline for the next few days but if early next week you still have not recovered the data I may be able to help so feel free to use the yellow envelope to contact me.

  sharpamat 16:08 04 Sep 2009

Have a good read of this click here
I do not know if or how much the trial will do, it may be cheaper that going to a specialist.
But read it all it advises that the software is NOT installed on the drive you need to recover

  laurie53 19:32 05 Sep 2009

Using a combination of the solutions suggested, but mainly, it must be said, Recuva, I have managed to recover about 97% of my data, which has got to be regarded as a a pretty good result - I can live without the other 3%!

Many thanks to all for the help and advice.

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