tarren 05:43 04 Nov 2009

This folder occupies 7.9 gigs , Windows7 is running sweet as a nut, so do I need to keep this folder? I have an installation disc by the way.
Any advise would be appreciated.

Dell Inspiron 1720

  ambra4 06:43 04 Nov 2009

Windows old is the software, drivers and data file from the previous OS that was there before

you installed Windows 7

If you have checked and you do not require any files or data from this folder you can delete

I would suggest that you leave the folder for a while seeing that Windows 7 is so new as you

might regret at a later date that you deleted the folder

  Pine Man 09:36 04 Nov 2009

If you are a bit concerned put it on a couple of DVDs

  tarren 10:42 04 Nov 2009

Thank you Pine Man, will do as you suggest.

  tarren 10:51 04 Nov 2009

Meant to thank ambra4 also.

  weistar 11:07 04 Nov 2009

I have another advise. If you have the previous OS disc, you can delete the folder.

Or you can just keep the drivers' folder and delete others of the windows.old folder, because drivers are the only useful things of it.

  tarren 12:15 04 Nov 2009

Thank you weistar, bearing in mind all the above I will probably hang on a bit longer.

  Technocrate 10:46 22 Apr 2010

Step by step use of Disk Cleanup to Remove Windows.old Folder
Click on the Start button on the task bar for our task to windows.old removal.
Follow the "All Programs - Accessories - System Tools" path on the Start menu.
Click and select "Disk Cleanup".
When the Disk Cleanup Options dialog screen is displayed select Files from all users on this computer option.
Select the hard disk Drive where the Windows.old folder resides.
The Disk Cleanup utility will scan the driver for not used and unnecessary files.
When the scan is completed check the "Previous Windows installations".

When the wizard requests your confirm to delete the Windows.old folder and its content files, select Delete.

  Pine Man 11:03 22 Apr 2010

'how to delete windows.old folder'

Highlight windows.old folder and press 'delete' key. Simples!

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