Windows10 won't start. Registry Error

  RobinTennant 15:36 24 Aug 2015

Hi folks, I installed Win10 on my laptop (from Win7). Worked OK at first but I now get a message when starting up that says there is an error and PC has to restart and is now caught in this loop. Pressing F8 at boot up isn't working so can't get to Windows Safe Mode or last know good configuration. Any help much appreciated

  Govan1x 18:25 24 Aug 2015

Start and then stop your laptop before it gets to the error page by pressing in the start button eventually it will start up in repair mode just choose what you want to try first. It should take 3 to 5 goes of starting and stopping for the repair to kick in.

Wonder if cmd and type in sfc /scannow would fix a registry problem or not, But maybe worth a try.

  RobinTennant 23:35 24 Aug 2015

Cheers mate. It worked and now back to Win7. Thanks

  Govan1x 09:50 25 Aug 2015


Glad that you got it sorted.

Back to Windows 7 is maybe the right thing to do.

Every one knows that W8 was a bit of a disaster for Microsoft and all W10 is is just an update to W8. Some bright spark from Microsoft has probably said lets call this W10 and and user will try it thinking it is something new,

But alas all it is is just an update of W8.

The old saying. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time comes to mind.

At least they give you a month to try it. I had w8.1 before so W10 is an improvement on that so looks like I will be sticking with W10.

  GaryEvans 08:43 31 Aug 2015

I tried this but got the message that a system repair was pending and required a reboot to complete. The PC is stuck in this loop whenever it reboots . Any advice welcome.

  robin_x 11:37 31 Aug 2015

Can you get to the Advanced Startup Menu (F8 or Govan's method above) and try Startup Repair or Safe Mode with Networking, then reboot again to see if it is cleared?

Or System Restore.

If you can't get to Advanced Menu, make a USB drive on another machine using Media Creation Tool

Then boot the faulty machine with the USB drive to get the repair options.


There is a Registry problem with latest updates, but not sure if that is what you have.

In any event, you can't edit the registry unless you are in Windows.

  GaryEvans 12:13 31 Aug 2015

Thanks Robin , When I tried I got the message that the drive where windows was locked and I should unlock the drive. please advise.

  robin_x 12:21 31 Aug 2015

Tried what exactly? When did you get the message?


(By the way, I was wrong about the Registry needing Windows, but we'll save that for just now)

  GaryEvans 12:50 31 Aug 2015

Thanks Robin , I booted from a USB with Windows 10 and ran the repair option. This was no more successful than the automated repair but complained that the windows drive was locked.

  robin_x 13:18 31 Aug 2015

I'm not sure if Locking just means that C: has been set Write protected or if another Flag has been set too.

I think you need to go into the repair options from the USB drive and select Command Prompt.

That will be X:

(Note that c: may not be c: here. Later you may need to check by cd c: then dir . cd d: then dir etc. till you find where Windows folder is)

For now, try typing DISKPART (takes a minute)


SELECT DISK 0 (presumably)


SELECT VOLUME n (where n is Windows volume)




See if that works.

Otherwise, you just gonna have to trawl through these.

Sorry I can't help more just now click here

  robin_x 13:36 31 Aug 2015

Or it maybe as simple as this

"Here's what I done to unlock:

I booted from the win 8 DVD

Went into a command prompt and ran a few bootrec commands:

Bootrec /fixMBR

bootrec /fixBoot

bootrec /rebuildBCD

I then went back into the win 8 auto repair and it seemed to work."

I think that really is the limit of what I can suggest now. Rest is Trial and error or wait for someone else to wave a magic wand.

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