Windows Vista and Windows Media Player

  douglas1973 13:04 25 Feb 2007

I installed Vista Home Premium (full version) about two weeks ago and the Media Player functioned without any problems until yesterday when on trying to open it I now get the following error message: "Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you want to install the Player from the Microsoft Web site?" On clicking "Yes" I am taken to the MS website where I choose to download the software". After the download another window titled "Windows Media Configuration Manager" opens stating: "There is a more recent version of of Windows Media Player (11.0.6000.6324) already installed on your computer. It is not possible to use an older installation package (11.0.5721.5146) to install files or to repair your current version of the Player". I therefore have been looking for the new version (for Vista) in the MS web sites and elsewhere and to my utter frustration it does not seem to exist! This is ridiculous! Incidentally, I thought a way of getting round the problem would be to uninstall Windows Media Player with a view to then reinstalling it but it does appear in Control Panel > Programs & Features > Uninstall or change a program. What can I do to get Windows Media Player working again other then reinstalling Windows Vista which I don't want to do.

  Kate B 13:26 25 Feb 2007

Try a system restore to before it started playing up.

  douglas1973 13:38 25 Feb 2007

Thanks Kate, tried it but did not work.

  Kate B 14:09 25 Feb 2007

Next step I guess is to do a repair installation of Vista. Or - I presume this works in Vista - sfc/scannow

  douglas1973 12:15 26 Feb 2007

Thanks Kate B, but sfc/scannow does not work with Vista! I have tried the repair facility using the Vista Home Premium disk but it does not repair Media Player.

  douglas1973 00:01 01 Mar 2007

I emailed Microsoft 3 days ago and finally I have received the following reply:

"I am not sure what causes the problem with Windows Media Player but at the moment there is no update available for the Media Player of Windows Vista and the Media Player designed for Windows XP cannot be installed on Windows Vista. Because the Media Player is part of the basic installation there is also no option to remove it from Control Panel > Programs or to run a stand alone reinstallation of the Media Player.

I think the easiest way to solve your problem is using System Restore to restore your system to a date where Windows Media Player was still working without problems. To do so please go to Start-menu > Search-bar > type in RESTORE and press Enter on your keyboard. This will open the System Restore program where you can select a restore point after clicking on Next. Please select a date before the 24th February to get the system repaired. If you have installed additional applications after the 24th February it will be necessary to reinstall the software of course."

As mentioned in a previous thread I tried System Restore but it did not work (because, for some peculiar reason, there were no previous Restore points before Windows Media Player would not work so it looks as if I am going to have to restore Vista!

  douglas1973 14:31 05 Mar 2007

Hi Kate B!
In further correpondence with Microsoft who, incidentally, have been very helpful and attentive (should be for software that cost me nearly £200!),I have received the following:

"Thank you for your reply.
In this case I can only suggest running an in-place installation of Windows Vista on your computer. To do so please start Windows Vista from your hard drive and insert the Windows Vista DVD after booting. Now please run the Windows Vista setup again from within Windows Vista. This will repair all applications including Media Player and Media Center by replacing the damaged files.
It might be possible that you need to install a device driver again if you have installed the drivers for your hardware manually but normally all installed application will not be harmed by this additional installation."

I was the under the impression tha running Windows Vista setup again would wipe out the previous installation completely but obviously I was wrong. I just wish that in the Vista Help section they would mention this option. Maybe they have but I cannot see it.

I have not tried this because before receiving this infomation, I took the drastic step of having a second drive installed and clean installing XP on one drive and clean Vista on the other (apparently must be done in this order, i.e XP first and Vista second.

I hope the above information will be of value to PC Advisor Forum participants.

  NomadANonym 04:26 09 May 2007

I have had the same problem. Media player doesn't even start. I get an error saying a program caused media player to not start, and it ends pretty much there. The fix? I had Satalite TV for PC installed. I uninstalled it using the control panel method and voila. Media Player for Vista is back in action. I guess the moral is uninstall any suspect media software using vistas uninstall. This plagued em for weeks. Hope this helps.

The Nomad - Anonym

  Gonegolfing 13:03 02 Jul 2007

Can someone just confirm for me that I can reinstall Vista over the current install of Vista without losing any data or applications that are already installed. Like we used to be able to do with windows xp where you booted form the xp disk then went to install and then repair.

Many thanks for anticipated replies

  lndrtm 05:08 11 Jul 2007

wow, am i glad i ran in to this page! this has been driving me crazy all day! i've been searching for this for the last few hours trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with WMP.

the only difference with my problem and Nomad's problem was that my computer didn't tell me that a program caused WMP to not start, it just said that WMP has stopped working. i really did not want to reinstall windows.

anyhow, low and behold, i downloaded Satellite TV for PC and installed about two days ago, right when WMP stopped working. i had no idea that THAT was the culprit until i ran in to this page and saw what Nomad wrote.

thanks douglas for posting this question and thanks nomad for finding the fix!

  guillo 05:58 16 Sep 2007

I bought a new computer and had no trouble with WMP.This afternoon I started to recive this message:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because a network error occurred. The server might not be available. Verify that you are connected to the network and that your proxy settings are correct".

Any suggestions or overcoming this problem.Thank you,


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