Windows Vista taking loads of disk space

  Ethan1982 09:49 02 Sep 2009


I have Acer 7720 with Vista on it. My C:/ shows that I have used up about 45GB of HDD but the fact is I haven't yet installed any other programmes that takes up that much space and I save all my files in other partition.

To benchmark, after my very first set up it started with 20GB used space on C: and nothing on D which looked okay to me as I read somewhere that Vista Home Premium takes up about 10GB(Please point if I am wrong) and I might have a hidden partition for the recovery.

Since then, I haven't installed 25gig contents for sure and I regularly clear the clutters using the CCleaner.

Is the problem(!!) common with Vista? Is there anything I might have done wrong?
In need, what should I do to free up my hard disk space?
How can I actually see whats the size of the hidden partition or any other hidden files?

  brundle 15:54 02 Sep 2009
  brundle 15:55 02 Sep 2009

Do read the ZDNet article linked to within that document before changing the system restore size.

  mooly 17:52 02 Sep 2009

That's a good link of Brundles.
Will just add that Vista pre SP1 etc takes around 10gb as you say. Install nothing but the recommended Windows updates and service packs and that jumps to nearer 16 to 18gb or so.
Yes you have a hidden partition for recovery, which will be "small" as the files are compressed.
Read the Acer manual installed as a PDF file, just type Acer into the run box to find it. This will detail recovery options and also Acers own backup utility... well worth using... similar to Acronis TI

  jakimo 20:13 16 Sep 2009

if you had followed my link and used this microsoft service you would have probably found the cure to your problems

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