Windows Vista Restart During Install

  stewievslois 13:58 21 Nov 2009

I recently purchased a new PC. During the first time bootup of Vista I caught the restart button on the front of the PC (I know, how stupid can you get). Now when I turn the PC on the following error message comes up

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click "Ok" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation"

When I click 'OK' the PC restarts but only gets so far before the same error message comes up.As the PC was new it did not come with any boot discs etc.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  sharpamat 15:34 21 Nov 2009

these things happen. try the easy route in the first post screens do you get an option to restore ( I know on HPs its F11 )if so select that option that option and restore to factory settings as you have put no information on there is nothing to save and everything that should be there will be

The fact that the system came with no discs normally means it has the option to make a set fro an onboard recovary partition

After your PC is runnung ensure you have some blanc DVDs and look for the option to make a set of recovary discs

If however this does not work contact the retailer where you purchased from

  stewievslois 23:19 21 Nov 2009

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately the "restore" option wasn't there under "advanced boot options".

As the PC comes with a free upgrade to Windows 7 (which I haven't done yet, having only received the PC today and then proceeding to break it), I was wondering if installing windows 7 would work? Will not having completed the install for Vista affect installing windows 7?

I'm also hoping that the free upgrade to windows 7 comes on a disc of some sort and isn't a download...

  mooly 07:47 22 Nov 2009

As mentioned most PC's have a recovery option that you can start by pressing the appropriate key at boot.

What's the make and model ?

  stewievslois 11:04 22 Nov 2009

It's a zoostorm PC click here - sadly it doesn't appear to have a model number.

I have tried the appropriate button on start-up, and the wasn't a recovery option available. Only the usual safe mode options, a debugger, a boot log option. There were a few others to do with LANs etc but none of the options had anything to do with recovery either in the name or description.

Maybe because Vista has never started properly there isn't a restore point to revert to?

  sharpamat 11:31 22 Nov 2009

Cannot see on Zoostorm site any advice on this but click here contact there support It must have a restore option as you got no discs with it

Your upgrade to Win 7 is also via there site If you got any manuals check them carefully somewhere on even on the case will be the model and serial number

  stewievslois 12:14 22 Nov 2009

Thanks - I have sent the technical support an e-mail.

I have looked in the brief instructions supplied with the PC and it seems the restore option should have been where I was looking.

I have looked on the packaging etc and have found the serial number, but not a model number. There is only a description of the components in the PC, not a model number.

  mooly 12:17 22 Nov 2009

I'm guessing you have already done all this,
click here

click here

  stewievslois 12:32 22 Nov 2009

Yeah, I've tried those things. When I bring up the advanced boot options" the options available to me are (in this order):

Safe Mode
Safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt

enable boot logging
enable low-res video
last known good config (tried this one, doesn't work)
Directory services restore - I wondered about this one, but on the descrption for it at the bottom it says "for windows domain controllers only". I wasn't sure what that means.
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable driver signature enforcement
Start windows normally (this doesn't work either)

  sharpamat 15:18 23 Nov 2009

Did you get this sorted with tec support

  stewievslois 18:49 23 Nov 2009

Not quite, although the end is in sight (hopefully). The manufacturers have said they will post me a boot disc, which will hopefully allow me to fix the Vista installation and continue as before.

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