Windows Vista PC keeps freezing then restarting

  George66 10:47 14 Apr 2014

Hi, My Packard Bell Windows Vista PC keeps freezing, then restarting. It used to be only when it played videos or flash player was ongoing but now appears to be happening every ten minutes or so. This is why this question may appear hurried as I,m trying to get everything down before it stops again.

Things I have tried are: 1. Used System Restore to put it back to a known ,good, point. 2. Installed Speedfan to check processor temp. Temp is 67 or 68 degrees?? 3. Checked all drivers. There are 2 on 'Multimedia Video Controller' and 'Multimedia Controller, which says drivers are not installed but it cannot find a suitable driver online. 4. Looked at Event Viewer, but nothing stands out?? 5. I have disabled the above 'Multimedia Video Controller' and 'Multimedia Controller'to see if the problem persists but it does

Is there some type of software which I can download which will somehow point me in the right direction, as I know this is a bit vague for online help. If a program pointed me somewhere I could go from there. I am also going to give all the vents and fans a good spring clean in case it is overheating somewhere?

Any help will be greatly appreciated Many Thanks.

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