Windows Vista game play

  night 17:40 09 Dec 2008

I have Windows Vista with 2gb of ram plus GeForce Graphics 7300 LE 128 Mb, will be able to play Lara Tombraider Underworld on my computer or not?

  AL47 17:53 09 Dec 2008

id say its not worth it tbh

  tullie 18:58 09 Dec 2008

Have a look here
click here

  Rob_08 19:11 09 Dec 2008

youll struggle with that GPU !!

  tullie 19:18 09 Dec 2008

You might be just a fraction short of ram as mine is,but i can run it.

  brundle 21:54 09 Dec 2008

click here

Your graphics card isn't supported. "Cards may function but performance may be reduced." See the other post on that forum mentioning laggy gameplay with 6/7000 series cards too

  night 20:02 14 Dec 2008

Many thanks to all who replied, and I will invest in a new graphics card, I think and will increase my memory which will then enable me to play Lara Underworld, I am looking at a GE Force 9800 GTX at the moment but once again thanks for your ideas,

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