Windows upgrade

  ArthurJB 10:46 31 Oct 2012

I am considering upgrading to windows 8 by downloading the update from microsofts website, cost £25 a good deal. My question is, my C: drive is an SSD drive with only 11gb available from 74gb, is this enough space? I seem to remember from a post somewhere that I would require 22gb. I am considering an upgrade retaining all my files.

  sharpamat 10:56 31 Oct 2012

Have a good read of the latest posting on this by FE. To me it reads that this is not as good value as it at first seems

  johndrew 11:10 31 Oct 2012
  johndrew 11:12 31 Oct 2012
  Forum Editor 11:38 31 Oct 2012

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  Forum Editor 11:41 31 Oct 2012

You'll need 16Gb of drive space for the 32bit version and 20Gb for the 64bit version.

  ArthurJB 16:13 31 Oct 2012

As I intend to upgrade not a clean install do I need the full 20Gb? As the new system will install over the old system. I have a large D: drive as well.

  ArthurJB 17:02 02 Nov 2012

The real question I was trying to get answered was as I only have 11Gb spare when I start to upgrade will I require an additional 20Gb, or as the upgrade progresses will the old system be overwritten and I end up not requiring so much. Thank you


  Chronos the 2nd 17:12 02 Nov 2012

When only using a very small SSD it is wise to just keep it for your OS and programs.Everything else should go on a separate HDD. The prices of 128GB SSD's are very low so if I were you I would either move everything off your current SSD except programs and OS or move to a bigger SSD.

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