Windows Update

  interzone55 14:57 16 Mar 2011

I've just restored my venerable Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop to factory fresh.

For half an hour I revelled in the speed of Vista on a Core 2 Duo CPU with 2gb of RAM, then I let Windows Update have its wicked way and so far it's downloaded and installed 750mb of updates and we've not even got to Service Pack 1, which is demanding "between 48 & 450mb"

Good job I've got unlimited downloads

  Uboat 16:36 16 Mar 2011

alan i noticed recently Windows 7 has quite a build up of updates too! "77" i had lastnight after a low lever format & i dont think that was uncluding SP1...i hope its not going to be the same as XP & Vista where its saturated with updates to the point it is slowed the software down...

  birdface 08:33 18 Mar 2011

Like XP and Vista, Windows7 will go the same way clogged down with updates.
I suppose thats why they are working on producing Windows 8 at the moment.
It was great escaping from XP to Windows 7 what a change so much faster without all of the updates.
Especially when running security programs they finished running iin less than half the time that they took on Xp.
As far as I am concerned the £70 spent on the window7 disc was well worth paying for.
When Windows 8 comes out I will probably be in the front of the queue to buy that depending on the price off course.

  HondaMan 09:13 18 Mar 2011

Only 77? My computer has well over 100

  Aitchbee 14:42 19 Mar 2011

just acquired a second hand computer with windows7 on it. (i'm new to w7)

I haven't wired it up yet.

I get the impression that downloading these updates might bring this computer to a halt.

Is this what you are implying?

Are these w7 updates neccessary?

  uk-wizard 14:53 19 Mar 2011

Depends on what you are using the computer for. I have several computers at work that are running on old editions of Windows (Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME and XP) that have never been updated and they work fine for what I use them for. However, they are not connected to the outside world - no e-mail, no WWW not even to our company network. If thats what you do then don't do any updates but if you want to get thing from outside your room then you need the updates, anti this and that and above all common sense.

  Forum Editor 14:57 19 Mar 2011

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