Windows Security Center - Switching off by itself

  DANGEROUSSCION 23:09 06 Mar 2011

Laptop - Toshiba Satellite
Processor - Dual Core 1.9ghz T3100
Ram - 4 gig
System - 32 bit
OS - Windows 7 Home Premium

I'm having problems with Windows Security Centre, it keeps switching itself off. I get the flag in the bottom right hand corner, but when I try to activate it, Action Center reports;

"The Windows Security Center service can't be started."

I can restart it in the Control Panel Services, but as soon as I do Action Center reports its off again.

I scanned in safe mode with Ad-aware and Malwarebytes, but they found nothing.

When I tried to do a System Restore I discovered that all restore points had been deleted and that it was deactivated. I've since reactivated it. This at least seems to be working again.

Is there a way to re-install Windows Security Center or simply fix the problem.

I'm usually good at getting rid of viruses having done loads of friends PC's with fake alerts and the like.

Thanks Brian

  DANGEROUSSCION 23:11 06 Mar 2011

Forgot to mention this started happening since I installed the Service Pack 1

  gardener 11:45 07 Mar 2011

You can uninstall the Service Pack:

click here

I have read that if you have kept up to date with Microsoft Updates the Service Pack is not really necessary.

  DANGEROUSSCION 12:34 07 Mar 2011

Thanks for the info but I don't really want to uninstall the service pack because they usually contain bug fixes and security updates.

Any other info would be appreciated.

  rdave13 12:52 08 Mar 2011

Go to services and in the list scroll down to security centre then double click. Start the service and select Automatic (delayed start) click apply, ok.

  DANGEROUSSCION 22:09 08 Mar 2011

Thanks for the imput but I've already tried that, restarted but it switches off again.

  rdave13 11:37 09 Mar 2011

What security programs do you have with real-time scanning. Might be a conflict there. If you have a real time antispyware scanner then worth disabling Defender?
click here
Check you have no two firewalls of AVs running.

  chub_tor 12:17 09 Mar 2011

Have you checked on the Microsoft solution click here

  DANGEROUSSCION 19:30 09 Mar 2011

The real time scanner is Ad-Aware Pro, this is the only Anti-virus I have (apart from malwarebytes).

This does not come with a Firewall and I don't want to disable Windows Defender if it leaves me without one.

I have been told that with modern routers they have built in Firewalls, but I don't know about this.

The router I have is a;

Talktalk - Huawei Echolife HG250b

Thanks for all the info so far.

  rdave13 19:53 09 Mar 2011

Adware pro gives AV and antispyware protection. You seem to be using Windows' own firewall and on 7 is good enough. Defender is also a realtime antispyware program. The link I gave shows how to disable defender via task manager. Try this then reboot. If the security centre is still off then you can enable defender again via task manager.
I'd then go for chub_tor's suggestion.

  a member 20:08 09 Mar 2011

windows defender and windows firewall are two different programs ,defender is a antispyware/malware program ,you do not need to run defender and malwarebytes together , though its possible that malwarebytes has disabled defender and that is why the security centre is failing .I would start from scratch and uninstall all 3rd party antivirus or antispyware programs and see if security centre stays on ok .then you can rinstall the others one at a time remembering to reboot between installs and see what program is conflicting .
you may also check if ad-aware pro has a biult in firewall that would conflict with windows own one .

windows own free antivirus program "microsoft essentials" is an excellent antivirus program as good as any of the others in my oppinion and its designed to work in harmony with windows own firewall and antispyware malware programs.
lastly check out security centre in services and check the dependants ,its possible one of its dependants is failing and causing your problem.

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