Is Windows really so tight?

  1936 16:49 05 Jan 2016

I have just made what is rapidly looking to me the mistake of installing Windows 10. Leaving aside the fact that it keeps freezing there are a number of other minor issues and I’m getting to the situation where I am seriously considering dumping all my computer kit and going for an Apple.

I was using a Word application which I think was Microsoft Office Word 10.
It had the ability to give me what I will refer to as a “Navigation” facility where the options that I set out below marked “1” would show on the top right hand corner of the Word document I was working on.

When I clicked onto “Find” in the clip below the option marked 1.that I set below a column marked “Navigation” opened up on the left hand side of the document I was working on and which I have marked as 2. There were three options which I’ve marked from the left as “1” “2” “3”. 1. Showed a list of headings. 2. Showed all of the pages in miniature. 3. Showed a search facility. Type a word into “Find” it showed a list of where that word could be found.

The beauty of this application was that one could copy a paragraph heading and place the copy over a particular paragraph, highlight it, then open “Change Styles” and click onto (In my case I used) “Heading One and a copy of that paragraph heading moved into the Navigation pane or column. This gave me a long list of paragraph headings which I could look at in one go and therefore helped me not to repeat myself. It also helped me to find paragraph headings.

The computer engineer who installed Windows 10 moved Word 10 onto my laptop appears to have fixed it so that all I have now is Word 7 (I think). He told me that Microsoft do not allow the transfer of Software licenses between machines yet I’m certain that I used to run it on my Desktop and Laptop obviously not at the same time because I am not capable of such dexterity. As a result all I have when I open up “Find” on Word 10 is that useless box shown below as “3” which gives me none of the facilities that the other Word application does and that’s supposed to be progress.

Anyway, the question is am I really stuck in a situation where Windows will not allow me to load Windows ten onto two machines even though One can only use one of them at a time?

I regret that although I attempted to post the clips I described they would not run.

  Govan1x 17:21 05 Jan 2016

The way I see it if you want windows 10 on 2 computers you will need two licences.

Not 100% sure though but no doubt someone will give you the correct answer.

  1936 17:29 05 Jan 2016

What about this: The right to install Microsoft Office on two computers.

Microsoft Office EULA

From the above excerpt out of the Microsoft Office EULA, which you can download from the Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT) for Microsoft Office 2010 page, you can clearly read that you can legally install Microsoft Office on two computers.

  Forum Editor 18:11 05 Jan 2016 can clearly read that you can legally install Microsoft Office on two computers.

Yes, you can.

I thnk you got your Windows 10s and your Office 10s slightly mixed up in the penultimate paragraph of your opening post.

There is no Microsoft Office 7. The recent versions run as follows: Office 2007, office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and the Cloud version - Office 365

To summarise... You can install Office on both machines, and you can install Windows 10 on both machines as well, provided they meet the installation criteria.

  RV510 18:52 05 Jan 2016

In my opinion the later the version of Microsoft Office, the worse it is, I am using Office 2007 on my computer as it's the only one that works without any issues or conflicts. Don't forget, there are other alternatives to MS Office that are better and free to download and install.

  Forum Editor 16:06 06 Jan 2016


I have never experienced any issues or conflicts with MS Office products. There are alternatives, as you say, and they're fine for home users. The business world tends to major on MS Office, however.

Office 365, the Microsoft Cloud version, has been a big success and altogether there are around a billion Office users in the world.

  caccy 20:39 06 Jan 2016

I totaly agree with RV510 , for the occasional user any of the office programmes after office 97 have got so full of features that you spend half your time trying find out how to do to something simple. Even the free programmes have gone the same way.

  1936 20:57 06 Jan 2016

This might be stepping back a trifle but I think that it would help were I to be able to determine just what copy of the current Word application that I'm using on my new installation of Windows 10 is. Could anyone please tell me how I can determine that?

  lotvic 21:47 06 Jan 2016

Go to MS and look at the example pics and follow the instructions to find out which version you have.

  robin_x 16:12 07 Jan 2016

Belarc Advisor will list everything you have

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