Windows permanent file deletion - or is it?

  robbo23 17:56 12 Feb 2011

Hi. A friend downloaded some 'music' off the internet and when he unpacked it, it turned out to be nasty stuff. He looked at the Windows Help for deleting files and it said to use Shift-Del to bypass the Recycle bin. He highlighted the folder and used Shift-Del to delete it. He says that's OK, but I'm not too sure. I know the words "permanently delete" are there, but I believe the files can still be found with the right software.
Isn't MS rather misleading?
Has anyone got any thoughts on this please?
Regards robbo

  a member 18:17 12 Feb 2011

A simple delete on any file is permanent from the point of veiw that the file will not reappear or cause any more bother , but it can be retrieved by recovery software ,providing the file location has not been overwritten . however you are talking about something more sinister , viruses and spyware/malware, can often place nasties on your PC and create a duplicate elsware on the PC ,then a third file ,usually some form of command or scrypt, can cause the file to reappear after every reboot even though you beleive you deleted it .in this case you need to know the likely locations for the backup files .
often, after a scare ,I will check a few locations that are favorites for such problems ,for example C:>users/"username"/Appdata/local/Temp....
often are home to the files. Appdata is a hidden folder so you need to enable hidden files via ,folder and search options to progress past that . the contents of the temp folder can be deleted without problems ,though you cannot delete files that are running .
also worth checking msconfig to see if any startup programs have been created to trigger such nasties .
but you should not be needing to do any of that ,there are lots of options as far as antivirus programs go ,microsofts own security essentials is as good as any of them and is free.
it should be policy to allways scan any thing you download before opening .

  robbo23 18:31 12 Feb 2011

Thanks merlinx, for taking the trouble to give me an excellent reply!
Think we'll have to tighten up on his security arrangements!

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