miketroach 09:34 03 Apr 2008

Inst Vista Basic 2 WKS AGO & WMP from beginning came up with screen msg 'cont online store' & never has gone further. ... I tried onizuka's suggestion 11/02/08 re del WMP reg folder but, on restart, no ask for reinstall WMP and registry folder was still there without much attached I did system restore & back to square 1 that is msg > online store. Can't access music from before inst Vista. ... also noted that no-one has confirmed that Vista can be re-installed without losing data or pre-existing applications. ... Cd someone pls pls throw some light on these problems???

PS I hadn't noticed ther was a page 2 to this topic but later advice to end WMP.exe process in Task Manager didn't work either - still get stuck on same msg. This is new post & will much appreciate any final resolution to this prob. ... I know MS tech experts must be busy but wonder why u never see input from them in these forums. I sent a few msgs via "Help and Support" feedback but no response. wish I'd stuck with XP till they got Vista working. ... WMP doesn't seem to be an optional item !

  peter99co 12:21 03 Apr 2008

I have received a response from MS tech and we are trying to find a solution to my "hangs" in WMP

Pre SP1 my WMP was fine

You should get a mail from MS

  sinbads 18:44 03 Apr 2008

Glad to see you have posted your own problem in a separate post..this will hopefully give your particular issue with WMP more of a chance of being solved.

little unsure of what message you get when you try to run WMP 'cont online store' can you expand.

Have a look in control pannel select/ problem reports and solutions see if there is any issues there.

  miketroach 11:30 04 Apr 2008

Tks Sinbads for yr earlier suggestion re separate post The never-ending message I get at WMP startup (when any item on 'Media Guide' dropdown list is selected) is "Contacting Online Store ... Please wait while Windows Media Player contacts the Online Store" I have checked problem reports etc but nothing there relating to WMP. No other probs with connectin internet. Tks also to peter99co for ref to MS

  sinbads 19:57 04 Apr 2008

Seems that WMP is trying to connect to the internet and for some reason its not connecting.

can you play cd's? But not use the media connection?

  sinbads 20:53 04 Apr 2008

can you run media from click here

  miketroach 05:44 07 Apr 2008

Thanks sinbads - Yes I can play music Cds altho and can connect from the link u provided & play some music from there but one selection asked me to install WMP 11 which is already inst. altho I'm using Mozilla which was mentioned as if a poss prob.

  sinbads 12:07 08 Apr 2008

I feel that your problem is not WMP ;but maybe your firewall/Internet settings/WMP settings that is preventing Media Guide from working.

1 temp turn off firewall tthen check to see if media guide works.

2. Could be your antivirus depends which you use, temp turn off and try again(remember to enable)

3. contol pannel/internet options/security/ check
all site options are set to default. You can go to advanced and select reset, this will remove all addons which can cause problems.

4. Also need to look in WMP/tools/options and check settings there.

  miketroach 01:16 10 Apr 2008

you've solved the problem sinbads. My antivirus prog 'Bitdefender' had access to WMP denied. Many thanks

  sinbads 12:57 10 Apr 2008

glad your sorted

  sinbads 12:58 10 Apr 2008

don't forget to tick as resolved.

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