Windows Media Player

  peter99co 22:53 15 Apr 2008

I am having a problem when using WMP where I choose a track to be played and a message appears saying 'Media Changing...'. This appears where I would normally get the song ,album or artist info.

This message when in place, freezes the whole of the Media Player controls. What is it doing? I once left it running for 20 mins,before it began to play. I have just played 2 tracks either side of the track in question without a problem. The track does exist because I have checked.This problem is a bit random and can occur after playing a few tracks before I hit a problem.

This has all happened since SP1

I can operate all other functions including
the whole start list and internet functions
leaving WMP running in the background but it will not come to the forground when I click the taskbar

What does Media Changing... mean?

  MCE2K5 19:43 16 Apr 2008

Have a look at this click here

  peter99co 20:22 16 Apr 2008

No Fix There. The delay seems to be that windows is looking to update the album/track info which is correct anyway. Once I have restarted the m/c I can play other tracks instantly. If there is a second or two delay the Media changing msg appears but the is replaced very quickly by track/song/album info.

Thanks for the link though.

  MCE2K5 20:28 16 Apr 2008

Have a look in Tools, Options, Library Tab and see if 'Overwrite all media information' is Bullseyed.

  peter99co 21:00 16 Apr 2008

The only add missing info was bullseyed

  peter99co 21:04 16 Apr 2008

I am a little confused which I need to bullet when I need rip info for downloads

  peter99co 21:17 16 Apr 2008

Have removed bullets and reset sound properties just in case and will now play a few to see if improvements. Will post back later Thurs AM.

  peter99co 09:36 17 Apr 2008

I have unticked all connections to internet and still encountered the same Media Changing.... Message. I will try Offline but will lose the Info Option when Ripping a CD. The problem must be within the SP1 update containing the latest Media Player Software.The reason being, that everything worked before.

  peter99co 23:24 17 Apr 2008

I ran the Windows Media Player Offline and still had the problem.
The solution may be to give it full access so I ticked Download codecs,Retrieve info from internet,bulleyed change all media,display all media and update media by retrieving from internet,in the Privacy Tab.I am now keeping my fingers crossed. So far it is working OK.

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