Windows Mail Slow Down

  crosstrainer 17:35 14 Jul 2007

Anyone noticed a marked slow down in Mail since the last round of Vista updates? I thought at first It was down to AVG, whic has been a bit flaky under Vista (Mail scanner needs to be re-started frequently)...So I ditched it in favour of Avast...But mail still slow.

Nothing on MS sites...just a minor irritation really.

  crosstrainer 17:37 14 Jul 2007

lots of post's about people having problems from day 1 on Technet and the like, but I didn't! It was at least as fast as Outlook if not quicker...Maybe I was just lucky.

  Pine Man 09:06 15 Jul 2007

I must confess that I don't fully understand the workings of OE/Mail but when I first got Vista in March I noticed that Mail was much slower than OE.

It still is but no different to when I first started using it. What does seem strange is that when I open Mail I get the splash screen and it appears to be there for ages before the window opens and then it can take quite a while for the mail to appear. Sometimes it is almost instant and the mail is already there!

There is a suggestion that programs like spybot & spywareblaster can slow down Mail but I didn't find that it made any difference disabling them. There is also a suggestion that running Windows Calendar can speed up Mail? and also a registry fix has been published that is supposed to help but I haven't tried that.

  crosstrainer 10:37 15 Jul 2007

It's strange that I was one of the (seemingly) few who didn't have this issue before the latest round of updates..I tried the registry hack, no joy there, will try the calendar trick, but can't for the life of me see how that could help!

  Probabilitydrive 10:45 15 Jul 2007

Yes, compared to my previous XP outlook, Vista Mail is considerably slower. This happened for me from day one, and I accepted that, as I was waiting for an u-date to fix this. Alas no joy.

I doubt that spybot&spywareblaster are the culprit as they are monitoring and passive scanner.

  crosstrainer 10:49 15 Jul 2007

Apps probabilitydrive :) I have isolated them and the mail is still slow...that registry hack is for the 64 bit version of Vista. I will email Microsoft and see what they (don't) have to say about it.

  Pine Man 12:09 15 Jul 2007

This is a copy of the article I read somewhere.

'CAUSE: Spybot (Immunize function), SpywareBlaster, or other similar programs add a large number of entries to Internet Explorer's restricted sites list. This will cause a severe performance problem in Windows Mail after installing the KB931768 critical Windows update. The slowness comes from Windows Mail having some kind of conflict with the update and the spy program making it read through the long list of restricted sites.

A work around:
1. Open Windows Calendar from within Windows Mail.
2. Close Windows Calendar after a minute.'

Note you have to open Calendar from within Mail. I just did this and the next time I opened mail it was instant!

I know the registry hack is for 64bit Vista but have you actually tried it with 32bit Vista. The article I read suggested it would work on both and there is a way to reverse it if necessary. I thought I would let someone else try it first;-)

  Pine Man 12:14 15 Jul 2007

Forget the Calendar idea I have just rebooted and Mail is as slow as ever!

Time for someone to try the registry hack!

  Probabilitydrive 12:19 15 Jul 2007

Pineman, good research on the spybot/spywareBlaster issue, there was no obvious link to the Mail slowdown time.

On the work around issue: I wonder, how do you speed up Mail opening time, if you have to access the Mail calender from within Mail the first time round?

The reg hack is slightly too scary to try on Vista
(I'm still on a steep learning cure).

  Probabilitydrive 12:20 15 Jul 2007


  Pine Man 12:59 15 Jul 2007


I might give it a go once I have got some stocks of G&T in!

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