Windows Mail and Outlook 2003

  J B 10:39 19 May 2007

I would like to use Outlook 2003 on Vista and tried it the other day but had to do all the email settings manually which wasn't a problem. Then came the ability to import all email's and contacts and I ran into a brick wall. Can anyone tell me how this is done or do I have to do it manually? Appreciate any help that is offered. J.B.

  rawprawn 20:06 19 May 2007

I am using Outlook (2007)and I want to import all my Data from Outlook to Windows Mail as a backup. Like you I can't find a way. I will watch with interest.

  rawprawn 20:19 19 May 2007

I have just done it, I clicked File/Import and this time it showed Outlook as an option. No problem, I don't know why it wouldn't do it before. (I have to say the Graphics were strange very big)

  J B 20:28 19 May 2007

That doesn't help me I'm sorry to say as I want to go the other way, from windows mail to Outlook 2003. Iforgot to say that I will do a clean install of Outlook if I can find a way to import Messages and contacts. If there ian't a way to do it then I guess I will have to do it manually. J.B.

  J B 17:54 22 May 2007

I will tick this as resolved and continue to search. If I come up with something I will let you all know. J.B.

  Kate B 18:31 22 May 2007

Slightly long-winded, but you could try exporting your contacts as a .csv file and then importing it to Outlook. Not sure if you can do it with Mail - Outlook saves email as a .pst file. If Mail uses the same file format it shouldn't be a problem - just backup your email file to a .pst file somewhere you can find it easily (like the desktop) and then import into Mail.

  zlatan24 13:09 06 Jun 2007

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  J B 13:40 08 Jun 2007

I decided to upgrade to Office 2007 so problem solved. J.B.

  amoretto 23:58 09 Jun 2007

Hi, I have recently received Vista instalation. There was an option just to update on windows XP or start a clean instalation. Since I had no enough space on partition where there is already xp I decided to go with clean instalation over xp. Vista was installed and windows xp was put to folder windows.old. Problem is that I forgot to backup my mails and contacts from Outlook express and now new "Windows mail" is empty and I can't find way to import my old mails and contacts. Please help. Thanks

  J B 16:39 10 Jun 2007

I am not sure this will help but give it a try click here Fro ho it reas you sould b able to retrieve your email from the file. J.B.

  J B 16:42 10 Jun 2007

Sorry about the spelling, from how it reads you should be able to retrieve your email from the file. J.B.

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