Windows Mail Auto Fill Delete

  Robbiecollie 13:29 06 Apr 2007

I am trying to delete some auto fill mail address I still wish to use this feature.

  HappyTrucker 13:38 06 Apr 2007

If you're comfortable using regedit go to:


The tree will open and you'll see an entry for Recently Used Addresses. Click this and on the right side pane you'll see a list. Select All in this list and delete. This will delete ALL autocomplete entries but lets you start again, still using it.

NOTE: Right click on the Recently Used Addresses folder in regedit and EXPORT first. In case you have a problem you can restore it.

I just tried this and it works for me.

  HappyTrucker 13:39 06 Apr 2007

The entries are in REG_BINARY so you can't see what each address is, hence the need to delete all of them.

  HappyTrucker 13:41 06 Apr 2007

If you right click each entry and click Properties, the window also has a text translation too. You may find thery're in pairs. I just sent a test email and there's 2 entries in this list now. One with the @ sign, one without.

I'd delete all to be safe.

  Robbiecollie 14:38 06 Apr 2007

Thanks Happy Trucker that did the job

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