windows login screen problem

  leylander73 20:21 22 Mar 2015

windows 8.1 (64 bit) a problem has occured within last week on my pc.whenever i start computer and login screen appears it shows the message 'password or user name incorrect.please try again'.i then log in with my current password and all is ok.... however,some months ago i changed settings so that i could dispense with password login(going to user accounts and unticking password box)and it has been fine..a few weeks ago i also changed my password on my Outlook account(email etc)and was prompted to change password on this pc,which i has been ok so far but,for some reason,i now am getting this 'incorrect' login message.on checking settings in user account box i see the password box is still unticked and my account name is there twice,one is highlighted.the only other change recently was my updating some drivers but that does not seem to have affected anything on pc. maybe,in some way,i have created a double password,pc not acknowledging one or the other ,am not sure. i could possibly do a system restore to last good working point but thought perhaps any comments/advice from members could help.i welcome any response to help with above.....

  robin_x 22:20 22 Mar 2015

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