Windows Live Mail - best way to configure?

  DartmoorPete 14:20 17 Aug 2011

I've recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7 which obviously has Windows Live Mail (WLM).I had my mail files etc transferred across from Outlook Express on my old PC and messages to/from BT Yahoo (I have just the one email address) were pointed at WLM with POP3 and all that nonsense(!)

It has been configured such that inward and outward emails ALSO remain in my BT Yahoo mail boxes - I find it useful to see these when I access BT Yahoo (webmail)from my work PC or any other PC when I'm travelling without my laptop.

This worked fine for a while but I've recently had trouble with duplicate emails being received on WLM. I suspect this might be because my BT Yahoo account is a bit "clagged up" with emails which slows it down and we have a very poor internet connection being rural. I think this prompts BT Yahoo to resend messages and hence I end up with duplicates on WLM.

I believe that (unlike Outlook Express) WLM is "web based" and therefore I SHOULD be able to view just the one "version" of my mail from any PC without the need to log into BT Yahoo at all - if I could do this I guess I could avoid having to retain any messages at all in BT Yahoo and maybe this would solve the problem. Could anyone advise me on whether this is possible and if so the best way to do this please? Thanks!

  ams4127 20:45 17 Aug 2011

I have exactly the same setup as you.

In WLM, select your email account, select "properties", select "Advanced", clear the checkbox for "Leave copy of message on server".

That should do it.

  DartmoorPete 09:18 18 Aug 2011

AMS4127 - many thanks for this - sounds nice and simple and will no doubt keep the BT Yahoo account nice and clear of messages!! Can you tell me how you go about accessing your WLM from other computers (ie other than your home PC) when you are "out and about"? (I would normally access via BT Yahoo at present) Thanks again!

  ams4127 12:53 18 Aug 2011

As far as I know, you can't. When I'm out and about using my iPad or laptop I just access my emails via BT Yahoo. Any emails you want for your WLM programme should be left on the BT yahoo site after viewing. These will download the next time you're at home and running WLM. Any emails you don't want (Spam etc.), delete from Yahoo and they will not download to WLM.

The other way is to have WLM running on whatever computer you are using while travelling. Setup your account and use it as normal. Take a memory stick with you and save the emails to it as an extra safety precaution. Remember to delete your account before you leave the hotel or wherever.

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