Windows installer & unstaller

  tonymcdonn 13:10 27 May 2007

I can not unstall or install the software it up comes with,
The windows installer service could not be accessed. this can occur if the windows installer is not properly installed. it has been alright till now, can anybody help.

  Forum Editor 13:34 27 May 2007

that you are trying to install?

  tonymcdonn 16:57 27 May 2007

I have trying to uninstalls a couple of them and in stall cs3.

  tullie 17:22 27 May 2007

Exactly what are you trying to uninstall,and install?

  Kate B 22:48 27 May 2007

I had this happen a while back after I'd installed a range of programs to review. In the end - you're not going to like this - I ended up reinstalling Vista. You haven't installed Sage recently by any chance, have you?

  tonymcdonn 12:04 28 May 2007

No, I haven't installed Sage, but I did a S/R and that's done the trick. I have a problem with my DVD writer, every time I put a disk in to install, it wants to format the disk. I have tried another writer in it and it still does the same thing.It's a Medion system, a few months old.Medion said they haven't heard of the problem. Anyone any ideas? Thank you.

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