Windows Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working

  tony-guitar 23:10 30 May 2013

I Get this message occasionally, but what does it mean? The 'Problem Signature' starts with the Event Name - APPCRASH

  lotvic 23:58 30 May 2013

That's possibly an Unsigned Driver (not digitally signed), have a look in "Event Viewer" for clues to which faulting module .dll it is. And then update the driver for the hardware, could be your Video card driver.

  tony-guitar 11:20 31 May 2013

Hi lotvic, i'd not heard of the Event Viewer before, however I didn't see anything that suggested a driver update. I had the same box appear this morning too. I just clicked the 'x' and it went away. I have had a couple of reminders over the last few weeks that AMD want to update my graphics card, but as it's working fine, i'm reluctant to do it. Not had that reminder for a while though.

  lotvic 12:54 31 May 2013

"reminders over the last few weeks that AMD want to update my graphics card"

how strange, I have never heard of that type of reminder. Unless - Are you running some sort of program that you have selected for it to be giving you this sort of reminder?

I am very suspicious of this, it sounds like a nasty malware/spyware is trying to get in.

I suggest you go directly to your manufacturers website for your graphics card and find the latest driver and see if that is the one you already have installed.

Do not click on any popups on your pc or links in an email referring to this reminder.

What antivirus and anti malware programs have you got installed?

I suggest you install the free SpywareBlaster (not the version that has Autoupdate - you have to pay for) that will stop most all spyware/malware progs from installing if they try to, and also scan your pc with free Malwarebytes

Both of those programs are used by many here on pca and neither will interfere with your existing anti virus and security programs.

  lotvic 13:00 31 May 2013

I also still feel it is an unsigned .dll when you get the Problem Event Name: APPCRASH can you look at the details next time and post them on here.

  rdave13 21:02 31 May 2013

lotvic, AMD will auto detect GPU drivers if program installed, see here.

Could be a program removed incorrectly.tony-guitar , try running Ccleaner and see if it removes the warning.

How to use Ccleaner.

  lotvic 23:42 31 May 2013

rdave13, I did say in my post "Are you running some sort of program that you have selected for it to be giving you this sort of reminder?"

  tony-guitar 23:51 31 May 2013

Hi guys, thank you for your help. I will sort the malware/spyware apps you suggest. My 'C' drive is a Kingston SSD so i'm reluctant to use something like Ccleaner. I've not had an update request from AMD for maybe 3 or 4 weeks now and I've always declined the update. I use Avast Free antivirus. When I looked at the Event Viewer, there were no details listed! I will install the apps you suggest and post anything that's flagged up. - Tony

  rdave13 23:53 31 May 2013

Yup, and you got no answer. I tried to help in that these GPU wizzos do it automatically, if Nvidia or the other rubbish, ahem, I meant inferior cards, can't supply the hardware without updating the software properly then, to my way of thinking, they aren't worth supporting as customers.

  rdave13 00:00 01 Jun 2013

Last post I posted meant for lotvic.

tony-guitar, Why do you decline the updater offered by AMD? ..daft in my humble opinion even if inferior to Nvidia.... joke ?

Why are you reluctant to use Ccleaner on an SSD?

  tony-guitar 00:10 01 Jun 2013

Sorry, just seen the last posting, but just to say that I've not knowingly installed anything. I try to keep minimal, store photos, music etc. I'm not confident enough to go 'digging'.

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