Windows Explorer Stopped Working

  Satmansq 23:48 16 Aug 2007

My nephews laptop, running Vista, on start up was saying Windows Explorer has sopped working. After searching this forum I Googled to find a fix for this fault. From what I have seen it is a reasonably common problem so I thought I would post the solution here. It may already have been posted but I could not find it. It seems that the problem is caused by incompatible software and the solution was a system restore in Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Action:Go to safe mode with command prompt
Start the computer and start tapping F8
Go to safe mode with command prompt
Result: Done
Action:Type cdcd windows\system32
Restore to A date before the problem started.
Result: Done

  Satmansq 23:50 16 Aug 2007

This fix resolved the problem

  Asterix 16:02 05 Dec 2007

Satmansq might have fixed his problem but he was lucky. This problem is widespread and no system restore or update has been able to fix it. I have the same problem where windows explorer stops working and it prompts you to look online for a solution. It finds a solution but its always the same update it gives you even if you have previously installed it. This in itself is a problem when microsoft keeps giving you the same solution that you have used already. The problem arises when browsing folders and almost every time you try to copy and paste to another folder. It does NOT arise when using internet explorer, applications or games but it will appear sometimes in control panel. I don't know of any driver or software that will cause the problem because I had the problem on a fresh install of Vista on a new formatted sata drive BEFORE I installed any programs or drivers. The problem has remained despite downloading all updates and fixes. Stopping services one by one has proved fruitless. Microsoft support does not have a clue what the problem is and is unable to help. Uninterested now they have my money more like.
I'm going back to XP! Vista was released way too soon as it is full of bugs and Microsoft have no bug spray.

  LANDCRUISER 13:16 14 Dec 2007

Mark in case i have this problem

  eatpie 12:31 12 Jan 2008

whilst trying to show someone my problem i was having with windows explorer i found it was working perfect and had stopped shutting down. I then set about trying to work out what i had done differently since starting up. The answer was whenever i use computer i straightaway close the welcome centre. I now leave welcome centre open and windows very rarely shuts down now

  reddwarf 07:28 27 Jan 2008

I have found that if I leave 1 folder window open but minimised I don't get the error message until I close the last folder at the end of a session. Doesn't work if the only open window is an application window,only seems to work if a folder window is left open.

  anskyber 09:08 27 Jan 2008

I had a third part zip program which, after some experimentation seemed to be the problem. I uninstalled it and all was well. Vista has it's own zip program for me to use.

  LANDCRUISER 17:04 03 Feb 2008

great keep

  peter99co 10:53 04 Feb 2008

I did a Vista Backup yesterday and Explorer Stopped as soon as i clicked to go ahead. I found myself back at menu. i then went into backup again and foundthe backup was running and later reported finished normally

  NigelHolder 18:39 20 Apr 2008

I have had this problem for about six months. Today the Windows automatic search for a cause came up with - "Upgrade Firebird". I don't need Firebird anymore on my Vista PC and so I removed the Firebird programe. Immediately, even without a restart, the problem - which had always happened whenever I tried to open Contol Panel or Network and Sharing Centre - went away completely.

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