Windows explorer crashes / start up probs

  Cowboydom 12:43 21 Nov 2008


Apologies if a similar post has been made before, I did a brief search !

Really frustrated, this may be a two pronged problem.
Firstly, I can power up my pc, Vista premium will load and all the icons / trays etc appear. However as soon as I double click any of the icons or try and open the start menu, everything freezes and will not unfreeze. I can quite literally force the pc to power down and reboot up to TEN times, when suddenly it will all work again. When I hover the mouse over any icons, they recognize this and highlight in normal manner

Second problem (quite likely related !?!) When Vista is actually working, when I go to open a folder or explore a drive everything again can freeze, and a lot of the time I get the message "Windows Explorer has stopped working" and I can't recover from it often.

All help / advice much appreciated.


PS ** I have 4 gig of ram and a quad core processor so I don't think I'm getting "clogged up"

  DippyGirl 15:05 21 Nov 2008

Had something similar (but with VistaHP - though I dont think this matters) - pre SP1
Not sure if I put SP1 on it would have cured it, but didnt want to put it onto a very unstable system
Usually a problem after I had installed or uninstalled something, but then it started happening almost randomly (all scans with every known Anti-malware scanner known to man showed clean)

As it only happened on my main user a/c I began to systematically stop some progs loading at startup that only that a/c used (very tedious)...
Stopped then uninstalled SpyWare Doctor (got through googlepack) since then (touch wood) been OK
Dont know why and this may just be coincidence. The problem didnt start when I had installed
SpywareDr - and had been using it for months and all was well.
I am assuming I have added something that caused the mix of applications to be in conflict but it wasnt immediate - otherwise I could just get rid of the rogue.
Not running it stablised my system and I am afraid I had spent so many hours re-booting I had lost the will to determine the exact cause

Anyway good luck

  Pineman100 16:02 22 Nov 2008

A few thoughts:

1. Can you identify when the problem started? If so, you could use System Restore to roll the computer back to a date/time before it first appeared.

2. If 1. doesn't work, it might be worth running System File Checker, to make sure that you haven't got a problem with any Vista system files : click here

3. Are all your cooling fans working properly? Overheating could possibly cause your symptoms.

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