Windows Experience rating

  HappyTrucker 20:10 13 Apr 2007

I suppose I could find it with a well worded Google search, but I've found in the past that there's people in here who tend to know this stuff off the top of their heads, so here goes...

Does anyone know what sort of CPU you need to have to get rating of 5.5 or over? I know there's data bottlenecks etc, but it does seem that disk performance and CPU performance are the ones likely to lower this rating.

I'm just being curious really.

  anskyber 20:43 13 Apr 2007

Mostly dual core or core duo types (Intel)or the AMD equivalents.

The rating is however governed by the weakest link in the chain so a poor graphics card with excellent other components still gives a low score.

  PurplePenny 21:20 13 Apr 2007

.. or a good graphics card with a lousy driver (mentioning no names .....)

  HappyTrucker 22:01 13 Apr 2007


I know it's the weakest link that governs the overall rating. I suppose I phrased it badly orignally to be honest, reading it back. I have an E6600 Core 2 Duo CPU and the CPU rating is coming up as 5.3. I was wondering how far up the CPU scale you have to go to get this up towards the very top end? Having said that I have seen people posting elsewhere that their PCU index is 5.6 with the same processor. Maybe the board affects it too?


You wouldn't be talking nVidia would you? ;o) As it happens I have an 8800GTS and it's coming up as 5.9 in the ratings. No issues so far.

  Jimmy14 22:36 13 Apr 2007

I know someone who has the Core 2 duo E4300 @ 1.80Ghz which is alot less powerful than yours but they've overclocked it to 3Ghz and have the rating of 5.9.

Core 2 duo E6700 @ 2.67 = 5.5 rating not overclocked
Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.40Ghz = 5.9 Rating not overclocked

  HappyTrucker 01:20 14 Apr 2007


Ah. I was just wondering if maybe they hadn't got up there yet. That's that one answered then.

  [email protected] 01:33 14 Apr 2007

my 5200 x2 was 5.2 @ 2.9gz 5.7

out of interest
pny 7600 gt
aero 5.9
gaming 5.4 + crashes lockups and all round shocking perforance

8800 gtx
aero 5.9
gaming 5.9 + crashes, lockups bsod and moderately dissapointing performace

with xp no rating, no crashes, no bsod and a smoking perforance!

  Kate B 11:40 14 Apr 2007

Can't remember my detailed rating off the top of my head, but my overall score is, I think, 4.3, which surprised me. So I can tell you that an AMD FX-55, 2GB of Ram and two7900GTXs in SLI is only moderate for Vista ... having said that, it says my graphics score is higher than that and it goes by the lowest element, but I guess a two-year-old 64bit processor in 32bit Vista doesn't cut the mustard.

  Mort105 18:02 14 Sep 2007

Asus Blitz Formula Motherboard

Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPU: 5.9

2GB HPC Reaper PC6400 Memory: 5.6

ATI HD2900 XT 512 MB Aero: 5.9
Gaming: 5.9

Western Digital Raptor(150gb): 5.9

The overall score is 5.6 - should I be worried about the memory bottleneck?

  [email protected] 23:40 14 Sep 2007

that memory should be 5.9, all 2 gb configs i have used are 5.9 even 5200 modules

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