Windows Experience Index.

  standard8 14:19 12 Nov 2009

My laptop is an Advent 7201 with Vista Home Premium and NIS 2010.When I first got the laptop,it had a WEI of 2.9.I fitted a 1GB memory module to raise the RAM to 2.0GB and this raised the WEI to 3.0.I recently had to do a full destructive recovery and since I did this,the WEI has fallen to 2.5.My laptop is working O.K. in every other aspect.Can anyone tell me why the fall to 2.5?

  User-1229748 14:28 12 Nov 2009

how many times have you refresshed the wei ?

  DJ Techz 15:45 12 Nov 2009

What is the lowest score and have you updated graphics drivers and things like that

  standard8 17:13 12 Nov 2009

I've updated the WEI 2 times.
I've checked the driver for ATI RadeonXpress200Mseries and it tells me I have the best driver.I don't know what else to check because when I go into Device Manager,this is the only item which looks like it is to do with graphics.Is there anything else I can check?

  standard8 17:13 12 Nov 2009

Forgot to say that the lowest score (2.5) is

  standard8 17:15 12 Nov 2009

Forgot to say that the lowest score (2.5) is next to Graphics:Desktop appearance for Windows Aero.

  sunnystaines 18:02 12 Nov 2009

mine dropped a few points on upgrade to w7

  User-1229748 18:20 12 Nov 2009

i used to get a low score sometimes when the notebook was hot.i would try turning it off for 15 minutes and then try when you turn back on.

  mooly 18:23 12 Nov 2009

Did you reinstall from a hidden partition putting it all back to square one (factory drivers in other words), or did you reinstall Vista from a disk and let Windows pick the graphics driver ?

There is almost certainly a better driver but it's a question of finding it.

  standard8 19:09 12 Nov 2009

I reinstalled from a hidden partition.I do not understand this-it gets queerer.I uninstalled Firefox and the WEI is now up to 2.8.Probably coincidence?

  canarieslover 10:37 13 Nov 2009

If the computer is performing well enough then don't get yourself worked up over WEI. There are enough other things in life that deserve more attention than that, ask your other half!!!

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