Windows Error 1625

  djjamesg89 17:34 25 Sep 2011

Hi All,

I have bought a copy of Power Director 9 and when I try to install - it comes up saying to contact the system administrator - the error code is 1625. I have been searching for answers and tried cleaning the registry by buying Advanced System Optimizer.

Sadly, nothing has fixed this problem. I feel the only option left is to wipe the computer entirely by doing a clean re-install of Windows 7.

However, there are two versions that you can by, a full or an upgrade version? (I do not have any discs as this was already installed on machine) Which one should I need - or can this 1625 error be Fixed?

Many Thanks in advance for your responses.


  lotvic 18:03 25 Sep 2011

Seems a little dire to be contemplating a full reinstall just because of a failed install of Power Director 9

You do not need to buy another copy of W7 Operating System. If you have not made your backup DVD that you should have been prompted to when you first got the pc you can download and burn one from the link on

It is the Product key that is important and there should be a sticker on your pc tower with the W7 product key. This may be different to the actual key used as big manufacturers use a special bulk key pre-activated for their installs.

However you shouldn't need to go to that extreme, if you really want to start from scratch there should be an option on your pc to 'restore to factory fresh' settings that will take you back to how it was when you first got pc. This is usually stored on a hidden partition on your harddrive and is accessed by various key combinations depending on the make of your pc.

What make and model of pc do you have?

As for fixing the error you get can you give more details of any messages that come up and is everything else working ok?

  djjamesg89 18:29 25 Sep 2011


Many thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.

There is a serial on the pc tower, ACER Aspire M3910-1

I go to install as administrator then it continues as follows:

this set up will perform an ugrade of " ". Do you want to continue?

Everything continues as normal until the installshield starts after clicking next

Error: -1625 This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator. then the installshield closes.

Everything else seems fine, but Firefox occasionally crashes - but is fairly fast for most tasks.

  lotvic 19:41 25 Sep 2011

this set up will perform an ugrade of " ". Do you want to continue?

Why are you doing an upgrade install of Power Director 9, have you got a previous version already installed?

And your W7, is that 32bit or 64bit? and is the pc fully uptodate with Windows Updates and is UAC turned off (slider fully to the bottom)

  djjamesg89 19:52 25 Sep 2011

sorry - forgot to add.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. UAC is on and tried installing with it off also.

The upgrade is because I installed an earlier version (Power Director 8) many months before, before purchasing the newer version. I removed the programme but the the uninstall process didn't work for some reason. So, upon trying to install the new version which was purchased from Amazon - it comes up with the above messages.

I have tried many methods to try and solve - I cannot find the previous version on my system at all.

Many thanks for the help

  lotvic 20:27 25 Sep 2011

Ah, a messy uninstall that has left bits behind in the registry.

Have you tried reinstalling Power Director 8 and then doing the Upgrade.

  lotvic 20:29 25 Sep 2011

Should have said to reboot the pc after reinstalling Power Director 8 before attempting the Upgrade.

  djjamesg89 22:51 25 Sep 2011

thanks, that actually has worked! fantastic - thank you very much!

  lotvic 23:21 25 Sep 2011

Glad it worked and sorted it :))

Now may I suggest you make some backups:

If you have 'Acer eRecovery' program on then go into that and burn your backup Factory Default DVD. Here are some tutorials with screenshots of what to do.

Or/And an Image File of your Harddrive using something like Acronis True Image and save the .tib file to an external harddrive so that if you ever need to reinstall W7 and drivers and data etc it will be a lot less hassle than starting from scratch.

  kristain 14:32 27 Sep 2011


  1. Click Start -> Control Panel
  2. Open Administrative Tools
  3. Open Local Security Settings
  4. Click Software Restriction Policies 1. If no software restrictions are defined, right click the Software Restriction Policies node and select New Software Restriction Policy
  5. Double click Enforcement
  6. Select "All users except local administrators"
  7. Click OK
  8. Reboot the machine
  lotvic 16:55 27 Sep 2011

kristain another inane copy & paste post, what planet are you on.

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