Windows 8 VS Windows 7

  janiman 10:46 07 Mar 2013

Which one is the best. I used both windows. No doubt about it that windows 8 has many amazing features than windows 7 but my experience and other windows user says that windows 8 work slow and windows 7 works very fast. Whats your opinion?

  sharpamat 13:53 07 Mar 2013

Any PC will slow down as junk builds up. I have just reverted back to Win 7 From Win 8 Pro. I cannot say that I found it faster or Slower than Win 8. what I can say what I use my computer for Win 7 I find easier to Use. and cannot see any difference in bootup but 7 is faster in turning off

Knowing the rumors relating to Windows Blue( said to be this Summer ) and Windows 9 We will all have to see

  Woolwell 14:38 07 Mar 2013

I find that Windows 8 starts up much faster than W7. However I do find that some of the apps can be slow to load. W8 is a bit an acquired taste.

  rdave13 17:22 07 Mar 2013

I like Win 8 over 7. Boots faster and shuts down faster. Overall it seems faster. Some tiles seem to load slower than others, especially the Store one. I imagine it's updating as it's loading.

  cooloox 03:48 09 Mar 2013

I can tell you straight up that Windows 8 starts in around half the time Windows 7 does. I have 3 computers and had the same result on all 3. I've also set up many other people's computers with the same results.

Windows 8 feels snappier overall and it has been proven in benchmarking that it is. It uses less resources and is better optimised for some hardware (I read the hardware bit, so not sure how accurate that is).

Windows 8 is actually as fast to get around as Windows 7 "if you learn how to use it properly" and is faster in some areas. Most people can't be bothered putting in the effort to learn new ways. For anyone who wants to say it is harder to navigate than Windows 7 - just watch this brief video I made:

Windows 8 is awesome, makes your computer feel faster and once you get used to it you cannot go back to Windows 7 :-)

  cooloox 03:55 09 Mar 2013

@sharpamat - you must have had a bad installation then. Windows 8 is almost twice as fast at booting up than Windows 7 was. This is the experience of almost everyone who tries it. It is so much faster at starting that you can't possibly not notice it.

Out of curiosity, what do you use your computer for that you feel is easier to access in Windows 7? There is nothing I know of that is slower to get to in Windows 8 than it was in Windows 7.

  janiman 07:01 09 Mar 2013

i thinks people don,t have a pc with good specification. That,s why they blame it on windows 8.

  sharpamat 10:37 09 Mar 2013

No I did not have a bad installation I Use my systom not only for Word processing But Dog pedigrees etc Using Lotus and Coral Programs ( Both of which will not run correctly on Win 8 ) And I am sorry that I disagree with the Speeds they asked the question and I replied.

Its quite simple if you do not like the reply don't ask the question

As for presuming That people don't have good spec,s Mine is an intel i5 processor 2320 with 6 meg memory Far above that required for Win 8

And for me Win win 8 was not as fast as win 7

  cooloox 10:52 09 Mar 2013

If you saw my video (you mentioned word processing) you may have noticed I use CorelDraw X6, Photoshop CS5, Xara Designer Pro, Xara Web Designer and Visual Studio 2012 Pro. I am heavily into photo retouching & graphics, generally. I also do basic video editing. In Corel Photo-Paint there is a feature called Smart Carver. On the same image with the same masking - what took 4.5 seconds in Windows 7 takes 1 second in Windows 8. Only that one feature though LOL. Everything else is similar or a just little faster in Windows 8.

I still stand by what I said, you must have had an issue with your installation as I have read so many forums about Windows 8 it is crazy and you are the only person I ever read saying Windows 7 performs better and that both programs start up at the same speed. I have installed Windows 8 on 3 of my PCs, one of my neighbour's, a few of my friends' and 5 PCs at my father's business and they all start around twice as quickly as they did on Windows 7. Most people are reflecting the same experiences online.

Windows 7 is awesome too, so I respect the fact you weren't comfortable with Windows 8 and went back. I love it and I wouldn't go back, personally.

  Batch 16:17 09 Mar 2013

I think you'll find the following make interesting reading: (jump to page 7 for the summary)

And this might also put a spanner in the works in respect of IE performance between Win7 & Win8:

  rdave13 22:58 09 Mar 2013

cooloox I think your video should be a permanent 'sticky' on the Win 8 forum here. I also think Windows 8 is 'awesome'.

Great video by the way.

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