Windows 8 Sleeping Problems

  Penny Goslett 10:41 05 Dec 2013

I have a Windows 8 Toshiba laptop. I do not have any screen savers set up. I have set it up so that the Screen should be switched off after 1 minute when plugged in and Sleep after 1 minute when plugged in. a Password is NOT required when waking up after Sleep. Yesterday it would go to sleep but I needed to input my password when awakening. Today the screen switches off but the PC won't go to sleep.



  theDarkness 02:11 31 Dec 2013

What happens if you set your system to sleep mode with the screen always on?

If you have an admin account, windows 8 may demand a password regardless of setting after awakening. Perhaps someone else can verify, as I cannot try this myself. Two methods are shown here on how to disable your password if your system goes back to successfully sleeping and asking for a password.

Sleep issues are quite common. I have a new acer aspire laptop, fully updated, and it does not awaken out of sleep or hibernation in windows. I also have windows 7 on an msi system and it does not always awaken when going into sleep mode after the lid is closed. The keyboard does nothing. In my case I believed it was due to either incompatible drivers with the operating system,or a motherboard needing a bios update. For both of my systems it was easiest to just remove both sleep and hiberate from my shutdown options-eg in 8 the acer power option in the taskbar, and metro user profile.

  theDarkness 02:42 31 Dec 2013

are you running 8 or 8.1, or have you installed anything new just before these issues occurred? Make sure all your power options are set correctly,eg this is for 7 but it's own options should be near identical from the control panel. There is also a similar not sleeping toshiba problem here - all they suggest however is a link to toshiba at the bottom to make sure your system drivers are fully updated and to a run command to list what can wake the system.

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