Windows 8 - Should I notice the difference

  woldsweather 18:41 20 Jan 2013

Have upgraded from 7 to 8 this afternoon, and can't tell any difference other than my internet connection keeps falling over every 5 mins which may or may not be connected. I had classic shell installed before I upgraded, so when the upgrade was done my desktop looked exactly as before which is how I like it. According to Microsoft :

Internet Explorer 10 starts and loads sites almost instantly

...but my experience is that it takes at least 5-10 seconds to load most pages, and certainly no quicker than before.

I know most people will recommend firefox or chrome, but they won't keep my favourites open at the side like IE so are a no no.

  Forum Editor 00:28 21 Jan 2013

You should notice a faster boot time, and faster performance generally. Browser performance is dependent on so many variables it's difficult to talk about load speeds without knowing a lot about your specific set of circumstances.

Chrome is my personal favourite as far as browsers go, I like its clean look and its speed; having my favourites in a bar along the top of the page doesn't worry me - no sidebar allows more space for web pages.

  woldsweather 08:08 21 Jan 2013

SO could have just done a re-install of 7 to speed things up. Can anyone advise what I do when I need to reinstall 8 as I now haven't a copy of the OS?

  woldsweather 08:38 21 Jan 2013

Yes I have the serial number, but wondering how I would get another copy if I needed to reinstall.

The reinstall presumably involves reinstalling all my software agin, something I have down three times in the last year with 7 and reall cant face again as it involves many hours and weeks of getting back to normal.

  woldsweather 09:49 21 Jan 2013

I'm finding Twitter is not working with mt IE 10 is this a known problem?

  woldsweather 10:36 21 Jan 2013

Now finding Faqcebook not working properly in IE10 - anyone else?

  woldsweather 10:37 21 Jan 2013

The tools link in Twitter doesn't work either so can't change that.

  Forum Editor 10:41 21 Jan 2013

Can anyone advise what I do when I need to reinstall 8 as I now haven't a copy of the OS?

We see a lot of posts in which people mention reinstalling their operating system, and I always wonder why. I run six or seven machines, and cannot remember when I last needed to do a reinstallation of Windows. With reasonable care and regular maintenance it should not be necessary at all, and it certainly shouldn't be necessary to do it three times in a year.

That said, if you do need to get back to a clean slate situation in Windows 8 you can do using the refresh process, as mentioned by Jock1e.

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