In windows 8 to print

  crosby73 15:49 14 Jan 2014

Do I have to go on line in windows 8 to print photos from my Paint shop pro. I'm using up broadband usage on line. Cant find anyway except going on line

  sharpamat 06:55 15 Jan 2014

Try a hard connection ( USB or Ethernet) If it works it may be your router settings causing the problem on both the posts you are running

  Woolwell 23:25 16 Jan 2014

How is your printer connected and what is your printer? You should not need to be online to use a printer.

  crosby73 09:49 17 Jan 2014

Well I am using a Canon MG 6150 and a usb cable. My problem seems to be that the only way I can open up the PC on my new windows 8 is to put in my password which I am asked to do and then of course I get all the icons come up on the screen and I presume I'm on line. When I look at my emails I don't have to put in another password. Sorry not explaining what's happening very well. My biggest problem is Windows 8 and an old brain!

  sharpamat 07:00 18 Jan 2014

Printing will require both the PC and the printer to be on, its not required to be on line Depending on your email tick the box to save your password. I never use a logon password

  crosby73 10:35 18 Jan 2014

Thank you. Yes when I had windows 7 I was used to doing what you have mentioned but now I have bought this new desk top with windows 8 I switch on and the date appears on the screen I then have to scroll down and I have to put my password in and its then I get the icons come up on the screen. There is nothing else to click on when I first switch on so I have to put my password in to get anywhere. Bill

  Woolwell 10:43 18 Jan 2014

For added security with W8 you require a password at the beginning. This happens whether you are online or not and doesn't mean that you have gone online. If you are connected by wifi or cable though then it will automatically go online. The icons are the new interface but you can get W8.1 to go direct to the desktop. How to boot to desktop mode..

I assume that your printer has been installed. If it has then, provided that it is switched on, then you should be able to print to it straightaway.

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