Windows 8 defender won't turn on

  pangloss 01:32 29 Mar 2013

I have only just realised that Windows 8 has a perfectly good antivirus and anti-malware features of its own. Not realising this before I have installed and uninstalled both AVG and Bit Defender. I tried to turn on Windows 8 defender but it refuses. It does not say that I am or am not protected against viruses. How can I tell whether I am protected and, if I am not, how do I turn on Windows 8 Defender?

  pangloss 15:55 29 Mar 2013

Thanks Jock1e for your advice. In fact I had AVG and Bit Defender sequentially and uninstalled them with Revo uninstaller which is quite thorough. I did though follow your advice and got uninstallers from their websites and ran them with what appeared to be little effect. Going to services turned it on for about 1 second and then off as usual. What seems to be going on is that once you have used an external antivirus (Macafee was on the Windows 8 DVD) it won't go back to Defender.

Any thoughts on a registry tweak?


  rdave13 18:44 29 Mar 2013

Have a look in Action Centre and see what it says under security. Here's a handy link on security software uninstall utilites, click here.

I always run these utilities in safe mode. Revo isn't good enough for such cleaning and will help to corrupt the repository folder.

  rdave13 19:52 29 Mar 2013

It's a registry corruption due to removing security software in an improper way I think. I deleted the repository sub folders and rebooted. I now have the flag showing a cross in the notification area even though I have full security, Defender in Win 8 is part of the OS and quite potent I think, backed up with another antispyware program. I even deleted the repository folder, rebooted, and still flagged as problems. So the old way of deleting the sub-folders (win 7) doesn't work with 8.

  rdave13 20:17 29 Mar 2013

It's a registry problem, no doubt. Going back to a an image. Sorry I couldn't help further.

  rdave13 21:15 29 Mar 2013

Now up and running and Defender as default and Malwarebytes pro. Flag running as no problems.

To be honest I've run Avast, then AVG, then back to Defender in Win 8.

If you're not a porno freak or serial killer then Defender is quite good enough if you follow safe searching.

Link I found for free version of McAfee SiteAdvisor, needs careful consideration as you will need to untick unwanted toolbars I think but worth while in my most humble opinion.

  rdave13 21:47 29 Mar 2013

Back here and the link is C|NET, be aware to untick whatever toolbars are offered.

  pangloss 22:53 29 Mar 2013

Thank you guys for your interest. I did try a registry and generally magic cleaner but the Windows Defender service would still not stay started. I think I am going to install a third party security program.

  rdave13 23:21 29 Mar 2013

pangloss , installing some free security such as AVG will be OK. Add to that Spywareblaster (by Javacool only) free, Malwarebute and SAS. Safe browsing and you'll be OK.

  rdave13 10:08 30 Mar 2013

Have you tried going to Action Center via the control panel and switching it on there then selecting update quickly? From here.

  rdave13 10:10 30 Mar 2013

Should have added that the suggestions are on page 2.

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