windows 8 and bt yahoo

  hevver6 12:41 11 Mar 2013

We recently bought a windows 8 laptop....HP ...Windows 8 does not support BT yahoo email....BT advised downloading microsoft live mail which we did and it all worked perfectly EXCEPT it did not sync the contacts from BT Yahoo account...any ideas? Also receiving email seems to take ages...sent one from my gmail account on my phone and it took at least 10 mins to show in live mail inbox...are we doing somehting wrong?

  chub_tor 17:36 11 Mar 2013

I'm not sure why you think that Windows 8 Metro Mail App does not support BT Yahoo email. I have my BTinternet email as an account on Windows 8 and it works fine. I set it up as a POP3 account with the following settings:

Incoming - Port 993

Outgoing Port 465.

Both incoming and outgoing servers require SSL ticked

Outgoing server needs authentication and both the use same username and password for send and receive mail.

  hevver6 17:50 11 Mar 2013

the BT website said it was not compatible with Windows 8 ....the guy in currys did install btinternet on the mail tile but it doesn't work..nothing comes in or goes out that is why I went onto the BT site in first place....think we might just change to gmail and be done with it

  hevver6 18:01 11 Mar 2013

chub-tor...thanks for reply can u walk me through what I would do to get it working on the mail tile .....I am totally not techy and struggle with basic computer stuff and am terrified I destroy the whole thing if I hit the wrong button so am a bit scared to just go for it....when we click on the tile btinternet comes up but no new emails and strangely all the old inbox ones are now in deleted folder and none of the contacts have migrated over either!! should I uninstall and start again and if so how would I uninstall? Sorry to be pain

  The Old Mod 20:17 11 Mar 2013

I'm using BT/Yahoo mail on windows 8 with no problem, didn't have to do anything so I can't understand why it will not work for you.

  chub_tor 09:53 12 Mar 2013


Here is how I think that I did it....

Click on the Mail App on the Metro page.

Move the cursor to the far top right so that the Charms show up and then click on Settings.

Click on Accounts

Click on Add Account

Click on Other Account if Yahoo is not shown or Yahoo if it is.

I think I used POP but now I'm not certain and it may be IMAP but choose POP first to see if this works

Enter the name that you want to call your Account

Enter your name

Enter the interval you want emails downloaded (every 30 minutes?)

Enter the length of time you want to see emails for (last 2 weeks)

Tick the Content to Sync email box

Tick to automatically download external images (or not)

Put in a signature if you want to and turn signature on/off

Enter your email address [email protected]

Enter your password

Enter your email username (same as your email address)

Then fill in the remaining sections using the details given in my first post for the incoming and outgoing servers.

Good luck and if it doesn't work repeat but select IMAP a the beginning.

  hevver6 09:58 12 Mar 2013

thanks chub-tor will try tonight and let u know if I break the whole thing!!

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