Windows 8

  henry2 14:04 03 Nov 2010

Hi Guys,
A friend just told me he has windows 8 installed on his pc by someone.I want to know wether there is actually windows 8?
Thats all

  BRYNIT 14:11 03 Nov 2010
  interzone55 14:20 03 Nov 2010

Are you sure they're not thinking of Internet Explorer 8?

  Jwbjnwolf 20:19 03 Nov 2010

is he wishing windows 7 was windows 8, I want to know what windows 8 is gonna be like but will just have to wait and see.
click here
this will give you info about windows 8 and if windows 7 wasnt a success(had same effect as vista did) they would of brought it out in january this year.

  Eargasm 21:19 03 Nov 2010

I have seen a couple of second hand computers for sale recently on Gumtree with Windows 8 Xtreme installed on them.
If you google it you will see that it is not an official Microsoft product but basically Windows 7 with a few tweaks. Could this be what he has installed ?

  Jwbjnwolf 15:15 04 Nov 2010

that is not possible eargasm as win8 isnt gonna be out till late 2012, there are downloads avaible on the internet to make windows look like what windows 8 may look like
click here

  Jwbjnwolf 15:17 04 Nov 2010

sorry, missed the bit about windows 8theme for win7

  tigertop2 16:51 03 Nov 2011

Windows 8 is available but only as a developer version. Wait until the Beta or the final version comes out later into 2012

  Forum Editor 00:43 05 Nov 2011

tigertop2 is right.

There is currently a developer preview version of Windows8 available, but it should be stressed that it's not really suitable for the average home user. It's primarily intended as a help for software developers who might be designing Windows8 application versions.

There is likely to be a public beta download available in January/February of next year.

  robeyamy 02:44 10 Nov 2011

See your post, I think sometimes really hate computer, why has that the more software,

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