Windows 7 won't start

  jaimie 16:04 01 May 2011

I've just upgraded my Acer Aspire T671 with 2 gig mem from vista to Win 7 home premium. everything went OK - I chose to upgrade and keep original settings. Now windows reports that it can't start and so goes into the auto repair process, after a while it says this computer can not be repaired automatically and asks me to click finish whereby it will start the whole process over again. Anyone know what I should do to fix this please?



  Forum Editor 18:13 01 May 2011

It sounds to me as though you'll need to run a clean install.

This will delete everything on your 'C' drive (assuming that's where Windows is installed), so make sure you back up all your important data files first.

  jaimie 07:58 02 May 2011

Hi Forum Editor. I did as you suggested and it seemed to work fine and everything is working as it should. one further point, can I safely delete the folders called "Windows old" as I need the space on the hard drive? I don't have the MB drivers or the audio drivers as they have been mislayed, I'm worried that if I delete the folders mentioned above then I would loose the sound drivers installed.



  Zeppelyn 14:37 02 May 2011

Yes you can delete Windows.old but make sure you have copied/moved everything you might want from your old setup. I would leave a few days just to be sure.

  kristain 07:01 12 May 2011

If your computer is stuck in a loop where Windows fails, attempts to restart, and then fails again repeatedly, restart your computer in safe mode and select the Disable automatic restart on system failure checkbox.

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