windows 7 and Vista forum

  Teaboy 17:15 12 Jan 2009

Now that windows 7 is in the offing, and Vista is on the exit plane, will we be having a windows 7 forum?

  Miké 18:47 12 Jan 2009

No real need is there? the current Vista forum is not exactly the livliest place, a lot of postings go in the helproom instead.

  a member 20:52 12 Jan 2009

its just vista without the bloat , and a few backdoors and some new curtains .its got a long way to go yet.

  pchelper001 21:12 12 Jan 2009

...then you will find a new Windows 7 forum.


  Pine Man 09:21 13 Jan 2009

That is not a Forum it's a Topic!

  Newuser38 10:11 13 Jan 2009

It is now

  Pine Man 13:27 13 Jan 2009

Blimey, the power of thought!

  Teaboy 17:01 13 Jan 2009



  Teaboy 17:09 13 Jan 2009


I'm sure it will grow, try harder to be more enthusiastic. I suppose that many members do not realise that there is a Vista forum, like me regarding the new windows 7 forum.

  Forum Editor 23:38 13 Jan 2009

Don't be fooled into thinking that the number of posts tells the whole story. The Vista forum gets a lot of traffic from people who read but don't post.

Our new Windows 7 forum is there for people who are interested in the public beta version.

  orangehippo 15:27 14 Jan 2009

hello everyone. im new. just bought a laptop. it has windows vista, but i want to downgrade it to xp but salesman said i might lose some functions. how can i avoid that?

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