Windows 7 is very slow

  Aaron-188486 08:00 08 Feb 2011

I've had windows 7 now since it's been released and my computer runs 3gb of RAM. Recently my computer has really slowed down. I have opened task manager and the CPU in idle state is over 50% used and when you click something the whole thing grinds to a halt. I have checked processes and nothing is showing, I have scanned my harddrive for virus's and spyware and nothing. Any ideas anyone?

  Aaron-188486 08:02 08 Feb 2011

Oh and I should mention that my brother is having exactly the same problem. Could it be a recent update? Anyone else having similar issues? This hasn't happened before

  howard64 12:43 09 Feb 2011

check what is starting up with windows - msconfig - startup. Do you have pc advisor permanently on? I have heard one or two people say it is hogging processor time - not on mine though. Do you have many many icons on the desktop? these use memory and can slow things down as well.

  ams4127 19:48 09 Feb 2011

Do you run Ccleaner regularly? If not, then I would suggest you download and run it to get rid of the rubbish which has built up in the registry over time. It will also enable you to check which programmes are running at startup and disable/delete those you don't need.

  seefuu1 11:42 17 Feb 2011

A lot of people have had problems down to disk defragmenter ,being set to auto run.

Go to start and in the search box,type disk and the first result should be disk defragmenter.Click it and turn defrafgmenter off ,if it's on.

  jakimo 13:15 20 Feb 2011

There are a lot of features built into Win7 that can improve performance.

Go into Control Panel and select 'Control Panel Items' from where faster speed performance for disks\displays\and searching can be achieved,plus theres a lot of information about whats going on in your computer

  jamaca 12:20 21 Feb 2011

Hi Irecently updated internert explorer 9 Beta to the current final; IE 9,and experenced a slow down in performance ,I have unistalled the update and things are running at speed again ,hope this is helpfull

  bonmol 10:19 26 Feb 2011

try downloading "SOLUTO",
this gives a NO BRAINER list of progs which startup with login,and can be be taken off the list,

  Audio~~Chip 12:40 26 Feb 2011

nothing has been found. Download the FREE version and run a full scan with this "OR" download Malwarebytes again which is Free and run a Full Scan you will be amazed what you will find.

  Audio~~Chip 12:43 26 Feb 2011

SAS is here click here
Or for Malwarebytes then click here
Be carefull when installing the CCleaner if you do you only need the top 2 options Unclick/select Google Chrome on install

With SAS then only update once and uncheck box for update next promt & also untick send report

  omegaalpha 14:03 26 Feb 2011

@ AaronDavies - your laptop has enough RAM to run Win 7. I suggest that you configure the services. Go to google and search for; Black Viper (the top search result is the one) - this is a website that tells you which services you can disable safely without damaging your PC; it has instructions on how to configure these.

Secondly, use a start-up manager to turn off non-essential programmes that load themselves up into the RAM and basically hog it all, hence the slowness. Use something like Quick Start-up, or Stat-up Delayer (again, search for these on Google.)

Thridly, disable Windows degfrag (it's useless), and try IOBit Smart Defrag - you can set this to defrag permanently when the PC is idle (search for this on Google.) And will keep your hard drive clean on a regular basis.

CCleaner is a good cleaner programme - use that for your registry and general purposes, you'll be surprised at what lurkes around.

Also, open up Task Manager and see which programme (in particular, if any) is hogging all the RAM memory (and the CPU), this may be the culprit and let us know what it is. Usually a google search on what the programme is will tell you if it is essential (or not).

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