Windows 7 updates, takes forever!! is this normal??

  laptopdunce 14:14 09 Jan 2015

I have had to recover a windows 7 laptop from recover disks (AGAIN after itwould not start up on a 2year old SonyVaio!!) now it is downloading 152 updates, it seems to be stuck on updat 129 and has been showing the rotating wheel icon for over 1 hour!! is this normal?? or should I shut it down? its been updating in total for 4 hours, I never remeber it taking this long - should I jsut leave it?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:19 09 Jan 2015

Some updates are very large and will take time but an hour stuck on one does seem a long time.

It can be better to manually update a few at a time.

  laptopdunce 14:32 09 Jan 2015

thanks, its still doing 129 of 152 and this has been stuck for 1.5 hours++ now on 129 update, what should I do?? Ihave been told by someone to press ctrl + alt + delete but am nervous of doing this without asking the experts - thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  spuds 15:27 09 Jan 2015

If you press ctrl+alt+delete, it should open a new screen, with the following options lock this computer-switch user-log off-change password-start task manager-cancel.

Choose task manager, which will bring you to a drop-down. On that, you should see if the updates are running. If you want to stop the updates, then click on that to end. If you have installed up to 128, then you should be able to commence from there with a manual selection.

  wee eddie 16:44 09 Jan 2015

Go to bed. When you get up the Updates should have loaded.

Turn the Lappy off and get a cup of tea or go back to bed. Once it has configured the Updates, it will close down.

Turn it back on and get another cup of tea. Go and have breakfast. By the time you have have finished, it may have finished loading the Updates.

Pat yourself on the back. Job done

  tullie 19:33 09 Jan 2015

This doesent help but a couple of weeks ago I purchased a new pc.It was windows 8 and needed 139 updates,plus updating to 8.1,this would have taken most of the day.

  rdave13 19:54 09 Jan 2015

This could be SP1 not only installing but preparing. Downloading all the updates at a single time will take longer than if you did them manually a few at a time. Next time you restore select no to auto updates.

Better still, create an image once you've installed all the updates, installed your security programs and any other programs you use regularly. You'll be up and running in under an hour depending on drive size.

  laptopdunce 08:24 10 Jan 2015

Hi, Its finally downloaded them all, I did the ctrl+alt+dlt and it did bring up a different screen, it said, "windows could not complete installing updates, then it changed to a different screen (looked like it was in F8 safe mode with a fuzzy type background, it said it was "reconfiguring" (not that but something like that "restoring" or someting, anyway it had the "do not turn off your computer, "re-restoring/reconfiguring" or something, updates, then it finally shut down and reopened in normal mode with password to log in, then it all started this "configuring updates 10%, 30% etc., etc.," till it shut down and reopened, it did take all night and Ive only jsut turned it on and again it said "configuring updates" on the start up screen AND when logged in, so I hope this is all done now????? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  spuds 10:36 10 Jan 2015

"again it said "configuring updates" on the start up screen AND when logged in, so I hope this is all done now????? "

That's usually normal after a reboot or start. Its just completing the task in hand. Which should not have taken very long after restarting computer.

  wee eddie 11:40 10 Jan 2015

What I was trying to say was:

It takes a while. Get on with other things. Don't sit there like a lemon watching it, you'll die of boredom!

  spuds 12:29 10 Jan 2015

Jock1e - Good point.

Here's a link on 'how to do' click here

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