Windows 7 Updates from Microsoft!

  ivan112233 20:30 20 Feb 2012

Hello Everyone,

I would like to all Windows 7 experts for help. I have just bought a key from this store:

But for some reason i thing that may be MSDN Key not retail. I would like to know he following things: 1.Is there a way to find out if this key is retail,OEM or MSDN? 2.In case that this key gets blocked from Microsoft,will i be notified by Microsoft?\ 3.In case my key gets blocked will i still beable to get updates and will my Microsoft Genuine logo will be still on my PC? 4.Is Microsoft will deactivate my licence?and i need to buy new one? I have just realise that the seller site is not that genuine,but i have already bought the key,so i think i learn my lesson. I just hope that the key they have provided me with is Genuine not some used key which will be blocked . Please anyone who can give me some information on my questions to let me know.

Thank to all of you.

  mgmcc 08:30 21 Feb 2012

I would suggest that you couldn't possibly get a genuine licence for Windows 7 Ultimate for about £22, which is what they're offering. It also seems that they provide no contact details - name, registered address, phone number etc - and a check with a "whois" site shows their domain name to be registered to someone in the Bahamas.

Personally, I'd avoid having anything to do with them at all! You certainly won't have a valid Windows 7 licence.

  ams4127 17:09 21 Feb 2012

mgmcc is correct. You have been ripped off. If it's any consolation, you're not the first and you won't be the last.

The only place to get a Windows key safely is direct from Microsoft.

  adamstuart07 06:08 07 Mar 2012

Hello Friend

The Only way for find out if this key is retail,OEM or MSD is buying with MICROSOFT see if you can want it then its available on the Microsoft site ..

but one thing you can do just close your windows update for windows 7 function because you can face problem only if you got for your window on the time of update its read and verify the unique key and other detail of window.

  Zeppelyn 00:35 09 Mar 2012

It will most probably get blocked sometime soon. Actually you can tell the origin from the second 3 digits displayed at Product ID under Activation when you go to Control Panel-System and Security > System. If the second three digits are 065, 066 or 067 then its for Microsoft Technet or MSDN use.

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