windows 7 ultimate and blu ray

  wobbler 14:59 27 Nov 2009

My Sony all in one PC played blu ray DVD on Vixta no problem at all. Since upgrading to Windows 7 it will not play Blu Ray but will play standard DVD.s. Is there a workaround for this problem?

  sunnystaines 17:46 27 Nov 2009

you may need a b/ray driver

  wobbler 18:32 27 Nov 2009

Ant recomendations?

  chelseafan 21:54 22 Feb 2010

I've updated my Acer Aspire 6530 notebook and have suffered the same problem. Standard DVD's still play but not Blu-Ray.
I've updated the driver via Device Manager and am told i have the latest driver.

  GaT7 14:16 23 Feb 2010

I think the reason you're unable to play Blu-Ray discs is because you don't have the necessary 3rd-party codecs/software installed.

In other words, the reason Blu-Rays worked OK in Vista is because the manufacturers pre-installed the necessary codecs/software to do so.

So reinstall these codecs/software & you should be able to play Blu-Ray discs again. Sony/Acer must have supplied these on discs. If not, or they only work with Vista, you'll need to purchase this separately. G

  LinH 15:02 23 Feb 2010

Windows 7 does not include a Blu-ray codec. Those with Acer machines should install Acer's own player Arcade De Luxe as this does include a codec that will enable you to play Blu-ray discs.


  chelseafan 19:14 25 Feb 2010

Thanks for all your replies but i'm still not able to play blu-ray discs. I've have a scout around the internet and it appears a common problem. Most people are suggesting installing Acer Arcade Deluxe. This was installed on the laptop before i upgraded to Windows 7. But can i find it? No !! Any ideas?

  wobbler 08:33 26 Feb 2010

I solved this program bu buying a copy of PowerDVD off ebay. it only cost me £10 and solved the problem immediately

  Technocrate 09:03 26 Feb 2010

The amount of users who would use Windows 7 to play Blu-Ray movies can surely be neglected at this point as most hardware Blu-Ray players for personal computers are expensive and not 100% compatible with all Blu-Ray features.

Users who want Blu-Ray playback on their computer systems
can purchase a third party software which will not cost that much more than the projected $30 that universal Blu-Ray support would cost. Everyone else will be happy that they do not have to pay for a feature that they would never use.

For More Information and issues related to windows 7 click here

  LinH 12:35 26 Feb 2010


You can download Arcade de-luxe from the support section of the Acer website


  chelseafan 18:15 28 Feb 2010

Many thanks LinH but I'm not able to locate the Arcade Deluxe software on the (useless) Acer website. I find drivers etc but not the software. If you know of it can you send me a link please.


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