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  bpzoom 14:07 19 May 2012

I put this on the wrong forum, so here it is on the correct one. Lately the Del Desktop PC with Windows 7 64 bit refuses to come out of sleep when it has been left for a period of hours. When I manually send it to sleep it does so and the mouse and keyboard are set to revive it. It revives as it should do if I move the mouse or hit a key. However whenever I leave it asleep for a long period such as several hours, it refuses to awake and I have to force a reboot with the power button. That produces the black screen which you get after a crash. Any ideas what might cause it to revive after a short period of sleep but not after a long period? I have changed nothing except that I have applied Windows updates.

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  rdave13 23:39 19 May 2012
  bpzoom 09:26 20 May 2012

Thanks I had already gone there, but none of the solutions there apply to a problem of failing to wake after sleep. My settings are as they suggest they should be.

  johndrew 13:00 20 May 2012

This sometimes happens as a result of graphics drivers either not installing properly or being corrupt; it can also happen if you have a number of programs running or have a lot of RAM in use when you select 'Sleep'.

I have had experience of this in both XP Pro and W7 Pro 64bit where either the PC will not respond to mouse/keyboard input at waking or I have a black screen (screen indicating hibernate mode) where the graphics fail to provide a signal.

There can be other causes as well as this MS forum question/answer indicates. There are other answers as well, such as:

Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 As you can see, it is worse for some than others. If you Google 'w7 fails to wake from sleep' you will get a lot of hits and although a hotfix was provided for PCs with multi CPUs the problem is still apparent.

You could try reading the MS troubleshooter for this but how well it will work for you ......

  northumbria61 11:49 21 May 2012

I do agree with johnandrew comments but I am of the opinion that sleep mode is intended mainly for laptops - whilst it may be useful or an easy option for a desktop there is nothing to beat a "cold start"

  bpzoom 23:12 06 Jun 2012

Thank you both for that advice. I have to say that a friend far more savvy than me also has the same problem except his W7 is a 32 bit version.

  rdave13 00:20 07 Jun 2012

When it goes to a deep sleep try pressing the reset button on the PC, if you have one, then tap the key for the temporary boot options, select the hard drive and it will boot. If you don't have the reset button then simply press and hold the start button. Once you hear the system starting then keep tapping F8 or the Esc key at boot up. Find out how to get the temporary boot up order screen on your PC. Select the drive with your OS(usually C:/) then it should boot up.

  bpzoom 20:55 07 Jun 2012

I tried one suggestion under, which was start>control panel>power options>in your preferred plan change plan setting>change advanced power settings>pci express>link state power management >change to off and apply.
This seemed to work OK for short periods of sleep up to one hour. But when I left it for 2+ hours, it failed to awake from sleep. Until something turns up, in future I will power off for longer periods. The Dell does not have a reset button.

  bpzoom 09:59 14 Jun 2012

rdave13 many thanks for your help. You said - Go to device manager and double click universal serial bus controller and in the usb root hub list, right click each one, select properties, click on the power management tab and untick Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. See if that helps. Your suggestion so far has worked on short spells and with one spell of over 2 hours. I have no idea how it worked but I am grateful nevertheless. I will be sensible and switch off when I know I will be away from the machine for spells in excess of 2 hours. Thank you.

  cutegirl57 07:35 15 Jun 2012

I know I will be away from the machine for spells in.......... Thank you.


  bpzoom 12:46 17 Jun 2012

I regret to say that after two days of working fine, the sleep problem has returned. I think I will just have to live with it. My neighbour also with W7 and the same problem has run through all the suggested solutions and it has not worked.

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