Windows 7 shutdown causes reboot.

  Diversion 23:48 06 Aug 2010

Hi chaps,

I’ve got a problem with shutting down Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit version, I have read through all the posts about windows restarting when shutdown is pressed or the off button is pressed on the desktop PC. I have gone into BIOS and altered the restart in event of system failure, and also done the same on My Computer in advanced settings but none have worked.

I have done a check on Microsoft’s website to check all the hardware and software too, and the results were all clear. Apart from Adobe Photoshop 3, when I installed this program for some reason I was unable to get an internet connection. And I had to swap my Panda Internet Security for Windows Security Essentials, which I have found out since is better than most of the top brands that you pay for; and it is free to all those people who have got the genuine system from Microsoft.

I have all the latest updates for the software and drivers too, also done a full scan of the PC including the two external hard drives that I have connected to the PC.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance for any replies.


  gengiscant 10:49 07 Aug 2010

Do you mean this? click here

  Diversion 12:53 07 Aug 2010

Hi gengiscant,

Thanks for your reply but it isn't happening with the blue screen of death, and I’ve already being into the system and unchecked the restart after failure box and also been into BIOS and disabled that one too.

Ever since I installed windows 7 it was fine for about 3 to 4 weeks, then it started rebooting on system shutdown. I did the usual compatibility tests before committing to buying windows 7, and it show that all the hardware and software that I had in the PC was compatible. But as I said in the first post Adobe Photoshop CS3 took my internet connection away and I found that Panda was also causing problems with Windows 7, and so I had replace both items of software.

It is just happening on shutdown via the use of the mouse or the use of the power button, which are the two ways of shutting this PC down.

To actually turn it off now I have turn of as normal, then when the system reboots I have to wait for the system to beep on start up then press the power button and this turns the PC off. Then when I start the computer the next time it starts as normal, without asking for the choices of repairing the system or going into safe mode or starting normally.

I believe the last paragraph is the key to the problems that I’m having.

Regards Diversion.

  gengiscant 13:13 07 Aug 2010

I have used Panda,but did not have any bother,I am using Abode Photoshop 7 again no problems. Not much help to you though.
Does anything show up in the event viewer? Might indicate a driver problem perhaps.

  Diversion 13:45 07 Aug 2010

Hi gengiscant,

No it shows that everything is normal and no reports are showing up, but Panda has been causing some problems for quite a while. I have a 1TB external Maxtor 4 one touch backup with built in firmware, and each time the PC started up it tried installing its own drivers but Panda saw it as an intrusion and destroyed the firmware in the hard drive. I had to go to the Seagate website to download the new firmware. And when I ran a compatibility test on Panda it showed up on my system as incompatible. And I’ll have a look at Photoshop 7, as I’ve been happy with Photoshop 3 for the last few years and I had no idea that version 7 was on the market.

Regards Diversion.

  gengiscant 14:46 07 Aug 2010

Sorry Its Photoshop Elements 7 and I was also using Panda Cloud antivirus.
As to your problem, have you tried repairing the start up in Windows 7, or running sfc /scannow?
I use Uniblue drive scanner to keep me informed of whether there are any updates.

Reboots like this are caused by a driver misbehaving when entering a different power state, like shutdown. It will be a pain finding out which. Have you tried putting "View reliability history" into the search box at the start button?

  Diversion 17:00 07 Aug 2010

Hi gengiscant,

The sfc /scannow doesn’t work on this PC for some reason, but I managed to run it through Command Prompt running as Administrator. And that also came up with no problems, and yes I thought it must be Elements, but I’ll try Photoshop CS5 as CS3 was a very handy tool for repairing old photos and lightening dark photos too. I thought it might be a driver too, but as you point out it’s going to be a matter of trial and error.

I did the “view reliability history” and it came up with something. In fact it came with a few minor consistencies of software issues, so I will perform a clean installation as Adobe CS3 was one of the first problems that showed up on 5 occasions and the Bluetooth driver was incompatible too. And with remnants still being in the registry, I feel that a clean installation is the best remedy then I can try the shutdown with each of the software that I install. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it cures the problem, as I’ll install the operating system then Office. And thank you for your advice.

Regards Diversion.

  gengiscant 17:15 07 Aug 2010

I myself have reinstalled Windows,I usually manage to mess things up with tweaking and overclocking.
The upside is you learn a lot in the process.
Good luck.

  Diversion 18:27 08 Aug 2010

Hi gengiscant,

I had to reinstall once with Windows 7, but that crashed on updating with the monitor driver with the blue screen of death. So I tried reinstalling Vista again to see if it crashed at the same point with installing the monitor driver, as Microsoft selected the driver I would have thought that it would have been fine but Vista took the driver no problems. But with Vista I would have all the drivers to install, so I set about installing Windows 7 again as that finds almost all the drivers for this PC.

This time I let the system search for updates for Windows 7, and checked again and installed those. Then I installed Office 2007 which is what I have and updated that too, I kept rechecking for updates and installing any available then installed the drivers for the components. So far so good and the PC shuts down as it should, but I did take a note of the software that were causing issues in the View Reliability History and I will find alternative software to replace them.

As you so rightly said in your last post it’s a learning experience, he’s a good man that claims to know everything about computers. So thank you for your advice and I’ll tick this problem as being resolved.

Regards Diversion.

  kristain 08:50 09 Aug 2010

try this:

- Go to control panel
- system icon > advanced tab > startup and recovery button
- under the system failure section, uncheck the automatically reboot option.

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