Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) won't install

  plusman 10:17 26 Aug 2011

I have a PC running windows 7 64-bit and I am finding it impossible to get windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to install. I start the installation and it seems to run for more than an hour and appears to be installing OK; but when I restart the PC I get an error saying that the installation was not successful and it the rolls back to where it was before I started the installation. I have tried to install a numbr of times, but without success.

I have also tried: * Stopping all non-essential start-up items by disabling them booting on startup using msconfig. * Stopped all firewall and anti-virus from running during installation * Run the Windows Update System Readiness Tool (kb947821) before the installation * Run the Windows Update troubleshooter * Running the installer from within Windows Update, as a standalone x-64 bit installed downloaded from Microsoft, and as an iso file burned to a DVD * Run sfc.exe /scannow which reported no errors. - but none of these have had any success

Other Windows Updates seem to install OK - it is just the SP1 update that refuses.

[For info: I have another PC that I recently updated (clean install) from XP to Windows 7. I had a similar problem on this PC after I had performed all the other Windows Updates and instaleld my normal suite of programs. SP1 also refused to install. In the end, I reistaleld Win 7 from disc and then immediately installed SP1 before installing any other updates or programs. SP1 installed OK. However I do not want to follow this route on my main PC as it has a load of programs installed which will take a few days to reinstall if I have to start from scratch].

Can anybody advis how I might install Service Pack 1?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

  Seth Haniel 10:29 26 Aug 2011

try turning off UAC first - may help

  jonski 20:54 26 Aug 2011

Have you tried unplugging your printer/any external hard drives etc.

I had this problem 3-4 months ago and this worked.

Hope this helps.

  plusman 15:21 27 Aug 2011

Jonski - all printers and external devices (except mouse, keyboard, and screen) were unplugged - SP1 still wouldn't install. Seth - I didn't get around to switching off UAC as I think I found the problem:

Finally figured out what was happening following a user on another site who also had this problem. Even though I stopped all non-Windows programs from starting on boot-up, a few additional programs kept on running. One of theses is a security program called Trusteer Rapport. In the end I had to uninstall this program, and then SP1 installed OK. I subsequently reinstalled the program.

Thanks for your help.


  pk46 00:18 30 Aug 2011

I have had problems on my 4 computers installing W7 SP1 it had the habit of knocking out the icons in regards they had no function i did get around it by doing a full reinstall and let all the updates tobe loaded i did not load any backup TILL W7 SP1 WAS LOADED when i saw it was on my computer i loaded my backup. The only other way i could see is to hide the update. Very strange UPDATE this.

  jonathan3141 23:01 24 Sep 2011

I had the same problem, tried several times to install the Service Pack 1 update and failed. Finally solved it this weekend using sfc scannow which is described on the Windows Seven Forums. It's a command which scans the integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces damaged or corrupted ones.

To run this command, you need to get to the command prompt (Start, All Programs, Accessories, then right click on Command Prompt and choose "run as Administrator". And then simply tap in sfc /scannow and press Enter. And then wait.

I had to run it a couple of times, it found errors the first time but said it couldn't correct them all. The second time it did.

And after that Windows update worked.

  bullto 21:54 26 Sep 2011

Trusteer Rapport are aware of this and say that there latest version overcomes this problem

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