Windows 7 and retaining hardware functionality

  herc182 07:58 08 Oct 2009

Dear all,

I have purchased windows 7 and have some concerns. I am looking forward to the OS but will it recognise the hardware that I have on my laptop.

I recently reinstalled windows xp on an ACER laptop and it was a MASSIVE pain for it to recognise the wifi switch, my touch pad, sound card etc.

I CURRENTLY have windows vista (hate it) on a dell studio 17 inch laptop.
It has buttons at the top of the keyboard for controlling the media player, a button for the bluetooth and wifi a touchpad obviously etc.
How do I ensure that all that is recognised when windows 7 installs? Is it better than xp in that respect?

The laptop is only 10 months old so components very new!


  Pine Man 08:31 08 Oct 2009

In my opinion, following installation on a fairly old PC, Windows 7 is the best o/s yet for recognising hardware. Light years ahead of XP!!

Everything was recognised and all drivers necessary either installed from the disk or found on the internet by Windows 7.

Don't worry it will be a dream!

  herc182 08:44 08 Oct 2009

thanks Pine Man.

I was thinking that I could maybe install on another hardrive before wiping vista?

I have a C and D drive (physically different hardrives).

But to be honest, I want to completely wipe windows and start again. Dell put a load of crap on this laptop and vista never really runs that fast. The laptop spec is good but never realised.

I also need to migrate itunes to windows 7. Anyone know the most pain free way to do that?!


  anskyber 09:17 08 Oct 2009

Yes. From iTunes now choose file, library and back up to disc. Burn all your music to DVD and then simply install the programme from the Apple website after you have installed W7. Import the music after install.

  Forum Editor 00:11 09 Oct 2009

Just back up your library, and import it into iTunes again once you've installed Windows 7, as Anskyber has already advised.

Windows 7 will install very easily, and will almost certainly detect all your hardware devices. If it doesn't have the appropriate drivers in its database it will go off and look for them during the installation process.

  herc182 08:39 09 Oct 2009

Thanks everyone.

It would be a massive pain if the itunes didnt work properly!
Got my iphone hooked up to it too.

Would it work if I just copied all folders and library lists in the "itunes" folder and replace the one created with a fresh install of itunes when I install windows 7?


  anskyber 14:16 09 Oct 2009

Can you expain what you mean by the iTunes folder, where is it exactly?

  herc182 20:09 10 Oct 2009

The folder is in "my music>itunes"

It has folders for album artwork, itunes music, mobile applications, previous itunes libraries


  anskyber 20:23 10 Oct 2009

I have not tried it that way but on the face of it I think it should work.

I tend to prefer using whichever programmes I'm usings own back up facilities which is the method I have described.

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