Windows 7 reinstall failure problem

  madmike 14:25 05 Apr 2014


I have reset my computer back to factory settings and tried to reinstall Windows 7, but something has gone wrong. I get a screen telling me, preparing your computer for first use, I then get a an error message saying:

Install Windows

X(red) The computer restarted unexpectedly or encounted an unexpected error. Windows Installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, Click "ok" to restart windows, and then restart the installation.

I have done this but get the same message. When I first got the computer, the first thing I did was make recovery disks,but even using these I get the same result.

Can anyone advise me what the problem is and help to resolve it.

Many Thanks Mike.

  lotvic 19:26 05 Apr 2014

What is the make and model of your pc? (or is it a laptop?)

Tell us the steps you went through to reset computer back to factory settings. Was this from the hidden partition on harddrive? (no cd/dvds needed or in the tray).

  madmike 20:47 05 Apr 2014

It`s a Packard Bell ixtreme x6620uk.Desktop,

The steps I took were,


All Programms

Packard Bell Security & Support

Packard Bell Recovery Management

Packard Bell Restore Operating System to factory settings.

It went through the motions and appearing to go well until encountering this problem.

Hope this helps. Mike.

  lotvic 22:05 05 Apr 2014

Did you remember to unplug peripheral equipment - printers, ext harddrives, ethernet cable (internet), any extra internal harddrives you've fitted, and no CD/DVDs in tray etc. - before you started the restore process?

  madmike 22:35 05 Apr 2014

I had printer & external harddrive connected, but not turned on, interent is wireless, no CD/DVD in tray.

  lotvic 22:39 05 Apr 2014

From within Windows: using Packard Bell Recovery Management click here

Before Windows: press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key click here

Recovery using CDs or DVDs click here

Those are the 3 options to restore to Factory settings. If you are still getting a problem then it may be peripheral equipment still plugged in or hardware related problem.

Were you having problems with the pc before you decided to restore to factory settings?

  madmike 22:49 05 Apr 2014

Decided to reinstall due to running slow and some crashes. Will give these options a try tomorrow and post results, hopefully this will sort the problem.

Many Thanks for your help.

  madmike 17:27 06 Apr 2014

Been doing the above all day, but have another problem. All appears to be going well for about 5 minutes then screen goes blank, says "no signal" and monitor goes to sleep, I wake monitor, still blank and it repeats above, so I have no idea what the computer is actually doing from that point. I have checked all connections loads of times but still the same. I turn the computer off, restart process again, with the same result. I have used the monitor on another computer and it works fine. Any idea`s?

  lotvic 20:49 06 Apr 2014

Sounds like the Graphics card is at fault or the lead from it to monitor.

Is a separate Graphics card fitted or is it onboard (built in to motherboard)?

How many different connections are there to choose from to connect monitor? and what type are they? HDMI, DVI, VGA?

You could try different leads and if it has onboard graphics and at the mo' it's plugged into separate graphics card, you could take that out and try the onboard connection.

Tip: you can disconnect the harddrive so that it only boots into bios screen whilst you troubleshoot the graphics connection. To switch pc off hold in the power button for about 10-15 seconds.

  madmike 21:45 06 Apr 2014

It has 2 VGA. 1 on graphics card & 1 on Motherboard.

2 HDMI, again 1 on graphics card & 1 on Motherboard.

1 DVI on graphics card.

Monitor only has 1 VGA connection.

I tried both VGA, got nothing at all when connected to Motherboard, but didn`t remove graphics card.

I tried both HDMI connected to HD TV, got nothing.

I will try removing graphics card, then try VGA on Motherboard.

I will let you know how I get on.

Many Thanks

  madmike 12:38 08 Apr 2014

Removed graphics card and used onboard graphics, all up and running fine, so will have to get new graphics card, so simple when you know how to do these things. Very grateful for your help.

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