Windows 7 RC Bootup Time

  tsnw25275 10:44 08 Jun 2009

Hi to Everyone,
I have a problem with Windows 7 RC, I downloaded Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser and ran it on my PC and it informed me that my system would run Windows 7, All my hardware and software where all compatable with Windows 7.
I then downloaded Windows 7 RC from Microsoft, formated my hard drive (C partition) and then set about installing Windows 7 RC,(Clean Install) 2 Hours and 20 minute's later the install was finished, On my first reboot it took 24 minute's to display the desktop so I thought that is was still doing last minute install stuff, after spending a bit of time just looking around at my new operating system, (I made no changes to anything) my next reboot was 23 minute's and the next one after that was the same time,I rebooted 5 times (soft and hard) in all which took nearly 2 hours to do still 23 minute's boot time to get to the desktop.
By the way Device manager showed no problems at all, I did not even have to install any motherboard drivers at all Windown 7 did all that for me.
I am very sure that my computer is more than good enough to bootup Windows 7 RC faster than 23 minute's, So something is very wrong, Windows XP Pro does it in About 2 minutes from power on to desktop.
I would be very happy with a bootaup time for Windows 7 RC of about 5 or 6 minutes, if I have to put up with that so be it.
I very much like Windows 7 and I would buy it, but NOT if I can't get my computer to boot up faster.
My local computer shop told me that I needed to buy a fast spin hard drive, and a 4 core processer of about 2.5 Ghz to get a faster boot time, I should (No one should) Have to buy more expencive hardware just to get a faster boot time than 23 minute's for a new opperating system.
Would anyone know why my PC takes so long to boot?
My specks are as follows:
I have a 4CoreDual - VSTA motherboard With updated bios : Intel 1.86Ghz 2Core Duo Processer : 3 Gb Ram : NVIDIA 7600 GT Graphics Card with 256 Mb Ram : 150Gb 7500 spin hard drive with 50 Gb of hard drive space for the install.

  BurrWalnut 12:51 08 Jun 2009

It should take about 20 minutes to install! You must have a hardware problem.

There are lots of things to try but let’s firstly check if a particular program is slowing the machine when you switch on, go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools (in the left pane). On this screen the problem is sometimes shown. If not, click View Performance Details in Event Log (Event Viewer). Events in the 100 series are boot events. These can be followed up by double-clicking them, then clicking Event Log Online at the bottom.

  dms_05 09:22 10 Jun 2009

I installed Windows 7 on my laptop (Core2 Duo) with 4 GB RAM. It installed very quickly (in under 30 minutes) and boots very quickly. It also shuts down in about 20 seconds. When running it is much quicker than XP or Vista. So as BurrWalnut suggests check the boot process. It might be worthwhile reinstalling the OS.

  a member 18:18 10 Jun 2009

thats bad ,I have installed it in several (test)computers ranging from single core with IDE drives and 2gb ram to dual core with 4 or even eight gb ram and raid SATA setups and even the slowest one will boot in around 30 secs.
the machine I am using at the moment is 2.5ghz dual core athlon based with 4gb ram and 2 x 750gb drives in raid (0) sata 300. it installed in around 20 mins and typically boots to a fully loaded desktop (ready to go) in about 20 to 25 secs .shut down is consistantly around 12-14 secs.
you either have a hardware problem or a corrupted install .

  bonzo1 20:26 06 Jul 2009

• Cold Boot start time in – loading all apps and to hear sound (not includes BIOS diag time)
• Full shutdown
Operating system Cold boot start time (sec) Full shutdown
Windows XP 160 36
Windows 7 55 16

This was tested on a pc using only dual core and 2GB of RAM.
The test machine was using a bog standard 256mb graphics card
The hdd was a seagate barracuda spinning at 7500rpm 500GB
David Warren

  gazzaho 03:21 08 Jul 2009

I have to agree I installed it onto my notebook Dual core, 1GB ram installed in under 30 minutes and after downloading updates and drivers boots faster than XP. My only gripe (so far) is the notebook won't hibernate under Win 7 and no e-mail client, it's webmail or no mail.

  zarobian 05:37 08 Jul 2009

I suggest you reformat your hard disk (ntfs) and re-install windows 7 again

  audeal 20:14 11 Jul 2009

gazzaho: I use Thunderbird 2 for my e-mail client on W7 and it can be made to operate almost the same as Outlook Express. If you want to take a look at it then just Google Thunderbird.

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