Windows 7 memory requirement

  interzone55 13:13 12 Oct 2011

I've decided to upgrade my Vista laptop to Windows 7.

After speaking to Toshiba's technical department they say that the CPU is good enough (1.66ghz Core 2 Duo) but I should upgrade from 2gb to 4gb of RAM - is this necessary, the system requirements are only 1gb for 32bit versions of the OS

  gengiscant 13:35 12 Oct 2011

I would say that you have enough but it certainly would not hurt to stick another 2GB in, not that Windows 7 32BIT will see it all just 3.5 GB but I think that it is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

  interzone55 13:38 12 Oct 2011

I might just put in an extra 1gb and see how that goes...

  a member 13:41 12 Oct 2011

bearing in mind that there are various versions of windows 7 ,some more demanding than others regarding hardware .2gb is regarded as pretty much the minimum for memory ,while 4gb would be fine for most cases ,if your into a lot of memory intensive softwares ,vidoe/photo editing etc. you will soon find yourself wishing you had 8gb . though a 32bit system will not see all of your memory (if you install 4gb) it will work better than with 2. if you install it in 64bit you can fit as much as your motherboard can take . your memory is the easiest way to speed up a pc .you wont actually notice much difference if you fit a faster processor, fitting one of the newer SSD (solid state drive) will give yuo a nice speed boost over a conventional hard drive ,thoughif your laptop is recent ,it may alredy have one.

  interzone55 14:54 12 Oct 2011


My laptop is 5 years old - a Toshiba Satellite P100 (as the Toshiba support chap said, probably the best they ever made) - so no SSD, not even a SATA interface on the hard drive.

The motherboard will support 2 x 2gb SODIMMS

I use it for general web browsing, home office stuff, photo editting etc, no games, not much in the way of video playback either, so I don't really need much power boost. I was mainly wondering if it was worth going the Windows 7 route or just buying a restore disc for now and get a new laptop when this one eventually dies

  spuds 18:10 12 Oct 2011

I have just had a new computer delivered today. The item came with a 2Gb chip, with the retailer recommending a further 2Gb chip for £11.00 (Crucial or Kingston) or 2x4Gb chips for £36.00. The retailer stated that 2Gb was the bare minimum for Windows 7.

  johnathann 13:45 13 Oct 2011

You can upgrade to 4GB, it will be helpful for you if you access other Softwares like photoshop.

  spuds 19:43 13 Oct 2011

Looking through some of the paperwork for the new computer I had delivered yesterday, the Asus motherboard booklet seems to suggest " 32-bit Windows 7 = 4GB (of which it might only recognize 3GB?) and 64-bit Windows 7 = over 4GB".

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