Windows 7 installation - triple boot

  avesnes1 21:10 03 Nov 2009

Currently I have XP on partition C of internal disk 0 and Vista on partition D of internal disk 1. I have created a new partition (W) on disk 1 and I plan to install Windows 7 into that new partition.

Could I install from within XP or Vista or should I install by booting from the Windows 7 Home Premium disk?

Thanks in advance for any comment/guidance from members.

  Zeppelyn 23:16 03 Nov 2009

Either method is ok, be sure to select custom install although I guess you already know that.

  weistar 02:34 04 Nov 2009

As I see, it is a waste of disk space to install Windows7 and Vista in a PC. The former is better. Just Windows7 and XP are OK.

  john bunyan 11:09 04 Nov 2009

You have forgotten a quadruple boot (add Windows 98SE)!! I can quite unerstand keeping XP and W7 for a while, but after checking that everything works in the new system, why keep it active? I am about to change to W7 from XP and am debating 3 options:a to make a clone of my C: drive to a spare external drive so I could revert in a doomsday scenario,b: a dual boot as you suggest with XP and W7, or c: with W7 Ultimate to invoke the XP emulation and virtual disc it offers.In any event if, hopefully, w7 works ok I will move on and abandon the old system, which I was loathe to do with Vista, which I never bought.

  avesnes1 20:56 04 Nov 2009

Just to fibish off this thread - I booted from the W7 32bit disk and did a custom install into my newly created partition. I then used EasyBCD 2.0 beta to tidy up the boot screen ("Previous version of windows" and the default) and touch wood it all seems to be working OK.

  avesnes1 20:57 04 Nov 2009

oops! everything except my typing - fibish = finish

  avesnes1 21:06 04 Nov 2009

I'm a bit confused regarding which free products are compatible with Windows 7. I'd be grateful if members could elucidate the current wisdom on this aspect.

Thanks in advance for any comment/guidance.

  avesnes1 21:07 04 Nov 2009

Apologies but i should have started a new thread.

  john bunyan 22:14 04 Nov 2009

I am going to use MS Security Essentials (anti virus) when I switch to W7, having read a number of comments re AVG on these forums. Some say MAB still works. I think CCleaner is ok, and I have always used the normal MS Defragmenter.I also believe the built in W7 Firewall seems fine.

  john bunyan 22:16 04 Nov 2009

See Mike's and other comments on this thread:
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