Windows 7 install on new unformatted drive

  lhman 00:18 10 Dec 2009

I am about to install W7 on a new drive, I'm confused by all of the installation guides which seem to only cover reformatting a used disc, the bit that confuses me is the partitioning bit as the guides tell you to only format the partition you are loading win 7 on.
XP was quite easy on this matter but W7 does'nt seem that straight forward.
i have visited all of the websites on this matter including M/Softs own but they are not very helpful about a new drive. Can I just use the whole disc without partitioning, if so how. Grateful for any help

  canarieslover 09:04 10 Dec 2009

Just go ahead and format the whole drive when install asks. If you feel you would like it partitioned afterwards you can do it later.

  alexma 13:30 10 Dec 2009

I encountered difficulties loading W7. I kept getting a BSoD, tried both 'upgrade' & 'clean' install, with the same result (I had Vista Prem 64 installed & 8gb RAM)I was getting desparate now! I decided to remove all but 2gb of ram & it installed like a dream!!!I hope this may be of help to others experiencing similar problems.

  lhman 23:10 10 Dec 2009

Thanks Canarieslover, I will try that. is there any advantage loading Windows on it's own partition.
I understand that is anything goes up the swanee with Windows, you can reload it on that partition without losing your files. But surely most programs load some files in the reg so you would have to reload those?
Thanks for the tip Alexma, I'll keep that in mind

  gazzaho 06:00 12 Dec 2009

You could use a partition to keep your important files and documents but if the drive itself develops a fault then the partition for your files may not be accessible, it's better to have important files in more than one place, a partition and an external drive. Always store important files on multiple drives, that way if one drive dies your data doesn't die with it.

I find it's far better to use a disk image backup program like Acronis True Image. Create a disk image of the drive onto an external drive and if the system goes belly up then reinstall the disk image, the whole drive is returned to the condition it was in when the last backup was made.

You can even replace your existing C: drive if needed and then restore the disk image to the new one.

  gazzaho 06:14 12 Dec 2009

If you're using the "upgrade" version of Windows 7 then you may run into problems installing to a freshly formatted drive as I believe it checks for an installed Windows OS, this site explains how to do it (click here). If on the other hand you're using a retail version of Windows 7 then I can't see any real problems with installing to a fresh drive.

  lhman 00:09 14 Dec 2009

Thanks guys, Windows installed and working but have a graphics problem now. I have started a new thread on this perhaps you can help on that too.

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